A cappuccino was a type of coffee.

The Hidden Panda in New Jersey served cappuccino in the 22nd century. (TNG novel: Indistinguishable from Magic)

In 2271, a popular cappuccino stand was located in the maglev train terminal at Stanford Station in California. (TOS novel: Traitor Winds)

In 2278, the park deck aboard the conestoga Yukon featured cappuccino machines built into the cafeteria tables. (TOS - New Earth novel: Wagon Train to the Stars)

In 2368, Beverly Crusher was offered a cappuccino, but chose black coffee. (TNG novel: The Romulan Prize)

Early one morning in 2369, Guinan offered Jean-Luc Picard a cappuccino, espresso or Rilorean coffee with whipped cream, but he asked for black coffee, hot. (TNG novel: A Fury Scorned)

Berlinghoff Rasmussen liked cappuccinos. (TNG novel: Indistinguishable from Magic)

Benjamin Sisko enjoyed iced cappuccinos. (DS9 novel: Fallen Heroes)

Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay both liked cappuccinos. (VOY novel: Distant Shores)

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