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During James T. Kirk's heroic five-year mission as captain of the Starship Enterprise,™ a mysterious alien threat called "The Totality" commenced its stealthy invasion, intending to conquer the Milky Way galaxy as it had conquered the Andromeda. Now the time for secrecy has passed, and a war unlike any other has begun -- one that threatens to destroy the Federation, first by bringing warp travel to an end, and then by absorbing all living matter into an unknown realm.

Twice before, Captain Kirk has encountered the Totality. Both times it took the beguiling form of Norinda, an irresistible alien who becomes the woman each person she meets most desperately desires. In his first encounter, Kirk almost lost the Enterprise. In his second encounter, he almost lost his child and watched in horror as the Totality absorbed Spock in its monstrous dimensional tendrils. But now, Kirk faces an even more devastating personal challenge. The battle lines have been drawn, and he and his friend Captain Jean-Luc Picard are on opposite sides.

After the events of Star Trek ® Nemesis, on the leading edge of Star Trek's future history, Captain's Glory depicts a Federation attacked from within, on the brink of collapse, with Earth's own solar system an armed and isolated camp. Reunited with Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy and Chief Engineer Scott, Kirk must join forces with Admiral Kathryn Janeway and the Holographic Doctor from the Starship Voyager™ in order to save Spock and expose the true nature of the Totality.

With Captain William Riker and Commander Deanna Troi of the Starship Titan caught in the cross fire of the conflict between Kirk and Picard, and with Kirk's own child poised on the brink of a startling destiny millions of years in the making, Kirk must prepare for his final encounter with the Totality. But how can Kirk fight an enemy whose greatest weapon is love?


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Joanna BurkeRobur BurnettChoyceBeverly CrusherThe DoctorDoyleFortralKathryn JanewayMiranda KadohataJames T. KirkJoseph KirkGeordi La ForgeAili LavenaMarintaLeonard McCoyNorindaJean-Luc PicardXin Ra-HavreiiWilliam T. RikerMontgomery ScottSpockDeanna TroiTuvokT'VrelChristine ValeWorf
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admiralcaptainchief engineercommanderdoctor

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Dominion WarplanetSpock DefenseTotality



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