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Captain's Log is the tenth expansion of the Decipher Star Trek Customizable Card Game's Second Edition, with game content derived from topics related to Star Trek: Voyager. This set was released on 27 October 2006, with 120 cards. Eighteen of the cards were also released as foil archive edition cards.

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Obtain Advanced Technology


Jaret Otel of Sikaris III: "We call it a spatial trajector. We're able to travel to all the planets in this quadrant." (uncommon) (Image from VOY episode: "Prime Factors")



Andreas Colter


Andreas Colter: While this personnel is facing a dilemma, each of the player's security personnel present increase their strength by one. Security personnel perform a variety of duties on Voyager. Sometimes this includes guarding the brig or protecting the ship from invading forces. (common) (Image from Star Trek: Voyager)


Marquay: While this personnel is attempting a mission, if there are three or more dilemmas overcome beneath that mission, he gains the skills of security and treachery. In case you want to take control of the ship, you have our full support. (common) (Image from VOY episode: "Parallax")

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