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Introducing a brand-new series focusing on some of the most famous Captains in Starfleet history! In the debut issue, Captain Hikaru Sulu, still new to the command of the U.S.S. Excelsior, finds himself once again face to face with one of the Federation's most dangerous and mysterious adversaries -- the Tholians! From the creative team behind Spock: Reflections!


Aboard the USS Excelsior, first officer Cipriano enjoys a round of fencing with his captain, the legendary Hikaru Sulu, but loses in the face of Sulu's expert application of precision and exploiting pressure points. Before a second round can commence, a call comes in from Admiral Renshaw. There is a minor diplomatic incident which Starfleet Command believes Sulu is equipped to handle. Unfortunately, the other party is the Tholians. Sulu takes the news in stride, believing the crystalline aliens are merely projecting anger at Starfleet due to internal affairs, but is warned to not be late. Seeing that Cipriano does not understand the admiral's warning, Sulu explains the last time he encountered Tholians:

The USS Enterprise was attempting to rescue its sister ship, the USS Defiant, when a Tholian fleet arrived demanding they vacate Tholian space. Spock was able to haggle for additional time but when the Enterprise was unable to leave as planned, the Tholians attacked.

The Enterprise made it out, by the skin of its teeth, but it is not an experience Sulu is eager to repeat. When the two men emerge on the bridge, Janice Rand brings the dire news of a distress beacon from the USS Shepherd. The Excelsior warps to its location and commences rescue but interference from a nearby supernova has rendered communications offline leaving them unable to contact the Tholians.

Thirty-seven minutes later, the Excelsior drops out of warp at the rendez-vous point. Predictably, all hails to the Tholians have gone unanswered and the aliens have responded to this slight against them by establishing a massive energy web the disputed planet of Mirabi 5. Long range scans detect a Tholian fleet on approach which Sulu hails. Putting on his best face, he begins to offer apologies for the delay but the Tholians have no interest. The delay has been viewed as a lack on interest in diplomacy and the Tholians will resolve the matter themselves by removing the colony. Sulu refuses to back down and orders the Excelsior to overtake the enemy fleet.

The Tholians hail the Excelsior, demanding that Sulu move away who refuses. He apologizes for the thirty-seven minute delay and offers the Tholians two choices: Go to war over a thirty-seven minute delay or demonstrate that the Tholians hold mercy in higher regard than they do punctuality. Closing the lines, Sulu commences in a game of chicken, ordering a straight course for the lead ship. At 10,000 meters, the Tholians blink and forgive the delay, agreeing to return to the meeting site and commence discussions.

Cipriano praises his captain who reveals that he was not bluffing. He was ready to fight the Tholians if need be, the Excelsior could have defeated the fleet...probably. As to how he knew the Tholians would not bite? The same reason Cipriano is nursing a fencing wound. It was simply a matter of knowing when and where to apply the right amount of force.



CiprianoDaileyLoskeneLyonJanice RandRenshawHikaru Suluunnamed USS Excelsior (NCC-2000) personnelunnamed Tholians

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USS Defiant (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Excelsior (Excelsior-class) • USS Shepherd (Oberth-class) • unnamed Tholian starships (Tholian starship)


Te FitiVyellVyell IV
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MirabiMirabi 5Vyell IV border station

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StarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of Planets

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admiralcaptaincolonycommandercommunications officerensignfencingfirst officerlieutenantlieutenant, junior grademeterminutemaster systems displayphaser bankphoton torpedoquartersshieldssolar flaresupernovaTholian webtransporterturboliftviewscreenwarp factor


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