Log entries were made on the Captain's log for both Deep Space 9 and the USS Defiant.


Captain's log, stardate 49011.4 
"Damage control teams have completed repairs to the station and life is beginning to return to normal, leaving me with one final piece of unfinished business."
  • DS9 comic: "Judgment Day"
    Captain's log supplemental 
    "The Defiant is still unable to reestablish communications with Deep Space Nine. Proceeding at maximum warp."
Captain's log, stardate 49263.5 
"At the request of the Karemma Commerce Ministry, we've brought the Defiant to a remote system in the Gamma Quadrant to discuss problems that have surfaced regarding our recent trade agreement."
Captain's log, stardate 49665.3 
"The hearing is in recess and Admiral T'Lara has retired to her quarters to begin deliberations. I wish I could be more optimistic about her decision."
Captain's log, stardate 49904.2 
"After driving away Breen privateers from the Bajoran colony of Free Haven, we are returning to Deep Space 9. I think I speak for the whole crew when I say it'll be good to be home."
Captain's log, stardate 49962.4 
"After leaving our Jem'Hadar escorts at the edge of Dominion space, the Defiant has returned home. But for Constable Odo, I'm afraid the journey has just begun."


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