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The captain's logs on the Federation starship USS Discovery were a method used by the starship's CO to record events.

Log entrants



Entries in 2256.
Captain's log, stardate 2137.2
Captain Harcourt Fenton Mudd recording… I am about to close the deal of the millennium. (DSC episode: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad")
This log was recorded during a time loop caused by Mudd after he hijacked Discovery.


Entries in 2257.
Captain's log, stardate 1834.2
Acting Captain Saru recording. We are en route to the Terran flagship, having been summoned by Specialist Burnham. Discovery's spore drive is operational again, thanks to the full recovery of our navigator, Lieutenant Stamets. Yet, despite his best efforts, the lieutenant was unable to save Discovery's mycelium crop. His fear is that his Terran counterpart has already contaminated the network, and if so, the results could be catastrophic. (DSC episode: "What's Past Is Prologue")
Acting captain's log, supplemental.
Repairs on the Discovery are ahead of schedule. In the meantime, the crew enjoys well-earned shore leave. Sylvia Tilly is visiting her father aboard his science vessel. Paul Stamets is spending time time with Hugh Culber's family. Joann Owosekun has endavored to summit Mount Everest for a third time before returing to duty. I have chosen to spend by own shore leave overseeing the ship's rehabilitation.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Perhaps the most essential element of a captain's training is learning every detail of the ship they will command. The captain must know every deck on the ship… Every item in every room… Better than anyone else onboard. A captain's foremost duty is to ensure the safety of the crew. To ensure their good health… So that they may perform to the best of their abilities. And the best way to ensure the protection of the crew… is to ensure the integrity of the ship they serve on. Even if the ship was not designed with the captain's dimensions in mind.(DSC comic: "Captain Saru")


Entries in 3189.
Captain’s log, supplemental.
After a journey of 930 years and a return to Earth that we could not have anticipated, we are finally on the verge of reaching our destination: Federation and Starfleet headquarters. Separate entities that must now abide together, a sign of this new time, I suppose. I can only hope that they are as eager for us to arrive as we are to be home. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")


Entries in 3190.
Captain's log, stardate 865661.2.
It's been a week since my mission with the Qowat Milat. Since then, we've stayed in orbit above Ni'Var, working with the Ni'Var Science Institute and the Federation task force that's tracking and studying the DMA. No other inhabited worlds have been threatened yet, but of course that can change at any moment. Ni'Var has fast-tracked negotiations to rejoin the Federation. I haven't yet heard how they're going. We're all living in uncertainty. Even for a crew as familiar with the unknown as this one, the stress is taking its toll. I'm following Dr. Culber's advice, mandating downtime to help with their psychological and emotional well-being. But Stamets won't let himself slow down, even for a second. He wants to solve this for all of us, especially Book. Book. Even though the mind meld with T'Rina helped at the time, the peace he felt has been... fleeting. I've encouraged him to talk to Dr. Culber, but I feel him pulling into himself. A natural response to grief, crisis, all of this. But he can't do this alone. None of us can. (DSC episode: "All Is Possible")



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