In 2289, numerous log entries were made on the Captain's log for the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A).



Captain's Log, Stardate 8827.3 
The Enterprise has arrived at the planet Zuyna, which is seeking admission to the Federation.
Captain's Log, Supplemental 
After returning security officer Phan to the Zuynans, we have beamed down to the B'Tin homeland. I need no convincing to see that the B'Tin are an intelligent, peaceful race. Each moment I spend here fills me with the revulsion at the Zuynans' barbaric actions.
Captain's Log, Stardate 8588.3 
Waiting at the outskirts of the Quatrin system for rendezvous with the Federation science vessel, USS Jonathan Levy... The Enterprise will pick up some perishable flora and fauna samples for transfer to Starbase 108 for further study... Quatrin is not a Federation member, but their well equipped station is a popular oasis in this largely unsettled sector. Off-duty members of the Enterprise crew have been granted brief shore leave.
Captain's Log, Supplemental 
Commanders Sulu and Uhura have given me a full account of the incident they witnessed on the Quatrini space station... ...As for the surviving agent, someone clearly wanted him dead. Until we can be more certain of both his safety and his medical condition, I have decided to keep his presence aboard the Enterprise a secret.
Captain's Log, Supplemental 
Commanders Sulu and Uhura have left the Enterprise with Director Prusk. I expect them back aboard by twenty-two hundred this day... Dr. McCoy reports that the survivor, an agent Keter, has regained consciousness. Though he remains very weeak, I will be able to talk to him briefly.
Captain's log, stardate 8588.7 
The surviving Quatrini security agent recovering in our sickbay believes that he and his team were attacked not by Betan terrorists posing as Quatrini agents... but by members of another branch of his own agency. Reasons for such an attack remain unknown. Sulu and Uhura are en route to Quatrin to testify about this incident. Security Director Prusk is still at the space station, and we are informing him about what his wounded agent has told us.
Captain's Log, Supplemental 
Thanks to testimony from Keter, the surviving Quatrini agent saved by Dr. McCoy, security chief Prusk's plot to establish a police state has been headed off. Prusk and staff are under arrest... ...And a Betan delegation led by Ros is getting ready to be in talks with the Quatrini government.


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