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In 2274, numerous log entries were made on the Captain's log for the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).



TOS comic: "Husian Gambit"[]

Captain's log, stardate 7559.0. 
Pursuant to Starfleet directive, we have arrived at Hus-24 to carry out our biannual maintenance duty at this most remote of Federation sanctioned orbiting drydocks.

TOS comic: "Worlds Collide"[]

Captain's log, stardate 7521.4. 
The Enterprise has traveled to an isolated, previously unexplored M-class world on the galactic frontier, a world about to be hit by a twenty-mile-long asteroid.
Our long-range scanners detected this rare cosmic event taking place, and we have come to observe and record it. A similar incident is believed to have occurred on Earth, millions of years ago... causing sweeping geological and ecological changes that ultimately caused the total extinction of the dinosaurs. Having detected life forms on the planet upon our arrival, I have led a landing party down to the surface, to study these beings... before the impact of the asteroid changes this world forever.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
We continue to monitor the upcoming cataclysm on this new world — and Doctor McCoy continues to voice his opposition to our non-interference.
Captain's log, Stardate 7521.9. 
The Enterprise is en route to Vulcan, to pick up our returning science officer and then proceed to our next assignment.

TOS comic: "The Savage Within"[]

Captain's log, stardate 7692.7. 
We are on a mission to chart Epsilon Anubis, a double star system in the unexplored region of the galaxy, and to make contact with any intelligent life there.
Captain's log, stardate 7692.7. 
During a mission to chart Epsilon Anubis, a double-star system in the unexplored region of the galaxy, our sensors have located a derelict vessel in orbit around the system's principal star. We are going in to investigate.
Captain's log, stardate 7693.5. 
Members of my crew and I are aboard a derelict vessel in close solar orbit around Epsilon Anubis A... 12 hours remain until that star's binary companion, a deadly radioactive neutron star, begins its encounter phase... 12 hours to save the inhabitants of this ship — and ourselves — from a certain and terrible death! We are no longer prisoners of the Shi'e Clan, barbaric descendants of the original crew of this vessel... led by the beautiful and enigmatic Korm Nal... and we have survived an attack by a race of telepathic aliens, the Eloksi, who may have come aboard from the mysterious starship docked to this vessel... but the fate of Dr. McCoy is unknown! We must find him...
Captain's log, stardate 7694.2. 
We have ended the attack on the Enterprise and established communication with the Eloksi, but our efforts to save the inhabitants of the derelict vessel are being blocked by the ambitions of Korm Nal...
Captain's log, stardate 7694.2. 
Each passing second beings death closer to all aboard the derelict, but our rescue effort is blocked by the ambitions of Korm Nal...
Captain's log, stardate 7694.3. 
The derelict's remaining engine has failed to fire. Our only hope is that this was due to an improper firing procedure, and not mechanical failure... Everything depends on how much accurate technical information has been passed on, in ritual form, to N'ga, the hereditary captain of this vessel...
Captain's log, stardate 7694.3.. 
There has to be a vital clue to the proper firing procedure for the ship's drive in the ritualized actions of N'ga, hereditary captain...

TOS comic: "Quarantine"[]

Captain's log, stardate 7708.3. 
The Enterprise has answered a medical distress call from the planet Sarsithia, in Star Cluster M-21… During the last 450 years, the Sarsith have fought to rid their planet of the Mirmonot, fierce invaders from another star system… The last Mirmonot stronghold, Isoth Fortress, has fallen and the Ruling Council has asked the Federation for aid...
Captain's log, stardate 7708.3. 
The Enterprise has answered a medical distress call from the planet Sarsithia. Its ruling council has asked the Federation for aid in combating a plague... Mister Spock and I are in conference with the Sarsith Ruling Council...
Captain's log, supplemental.
Dr. Chapel has suffered severe injuries in an accident. We are on our way to Isoth Fortress’ medical center, accompanied by General Onoth, controversial leader of the “Brotherhood of Waters,” an elite military society. Dr. McCoy is beaming down... Postwar famine and plague are serious problems facing the Sarsith. Their 450-year effort to push the Mirmonots — invaders from another star system — from their planet has led to wide-scale unrest and caused economic and social collapse.
Captain's log, stardate 7715.3. 
A Klingon vessel, pursuing and firing upon a Sarsith fighter, is approaching the Sarsith star system... and we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of an intergalactic incident…
Captain's log, stardate 7715.4. 
A Klingon imperial cruiser has destroyed a Sarsith fighter… and we are now involved in an intergalactic incident which could result in a war...
Captain's log, supplemental.
It is now obvious that General Onoth and the Brotherhood of Waters are the engineers of a plan to involve Sarsithia and the Federation in a war with the Klingons... Despite my efforts, this incident has become a matter of honor for the Klingons... and the price of honor is always high.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
It is clear that General Onoth intends to involve Sarsithia and the Federation in a war with the Klingons.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
We must prevent Doctor Chapel from reopening the conflict set in motion by General Onoth. She is in control of a stolen Sarsith ship, and we have the difficult task of trying not to accidentally harm her. Doctor McCoy is desperately trying to find the key to the illness that’s causing her violent actions…
Captain's log, stardate 7716.3. 
Doctor Chapel will die very soon, if a heart depressant is not administered to counteract the sedative given her by Tath, General Onoth’s physician. Mister Spock has volunteered to attempt this, but he will be forced to wait. Against my orders, Onoth has attacked the Klingons.
Captain's log, stardate 7716.3. 
Without warning, General Onoth has broken the truce and attacked the Klingons. To make matters worse, my first officer has disappeared!
Captain's log, supplemental. 
The Enterprise is under attack by General Onoth. We must assume he has decided to destroy us as well as the Klingons. Spock is aboard Doctor Chapel’s ship... He has administered a heart depressant to her. However, we dare not lower our deflector shields for one instant to beam them aboard.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
General Onoth has decided to destroy the Enterprise as well as the Klingons. We are under fire and Spock cannot return with Doctor Chapel because we cannot lower our deflector shields to beam them aboard.
Captain's log, stardate 7717.5. 
The Klingons have killed General Onoth. With him dies the plan to involve Sarsithia in a war. Avoth and Nath, two of the general’s men, are returning to their planet in Doctor Chapel’s stolen ship. Perhaps now the Sarsith can learn a new way of life... :However, the Klingons do not know the incident is ended. Their cruiser sustained heavy damage during Onoth’s attack, and they are retreating in order to send for reinforcements. We must try to reason with them, or they will return and destroy Sarsithia.

TOS comic: "Restructuring Is Futile"[]

Captain's log, supplemental. 
We have pursued the Klingons into the Vulpecula 12 system. However, debris from the destroyed fourth planet is confusing the sensors, and we have lost them.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
We have pursued the Klingons into the Vulpecula 12 system. However, the debris from the fourth planet, destroyed by an ancient meteor strike, is confusing the sensors. We have lost them.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
We have been ambushed by the Klingon vessel we pursued into the Vulpecula 12 system, and the attack has destroyed our sensors.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
The Klingon ambush has left the Enterprise without her sensors. She is blind and at the mercy of the enemy.
Captain's log, stardate 7720.9. 
The Enterprise is again fully operational and we have left the ill-fated Vulpecula 12 system behind. However, our pursuit of the Klingons has come to a mysterious end. We have located their vessel adrift in an asteroid field with no life aboard... :A vital clue to the whereabouts of the 385 Klingons aboard may come from a primitive space probe heading toward us from that region of space. Its urgent message warns all sentient biological organisms to "beware the Omnimind." We must investigate!
Captain's log, stardate 7720.9. 
The primitive space probe heading toward us could be a vital clue to the disaster that befell the Klingons. It passed through the asteroid field where their ship is adrift, and its message may have led them to their doom.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
Almost a solar century ago, a probe was launched from the planet below, asking for help to combat an unknown threat to all biological life there. We are broadcasting friendship messages, but there is no response. We are under attack by the primitive asteroid defense system surrounding the planet. It has already destroyed a Klingon battle cruiser.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
Our shields will stand up against the bombardment from the asteroids, but it is time we demonstrated to those on the planet's surface that we will not be intimidated or deterred from making contact!
Captain's log, supplemental.
After destroying some of the asteroids we received a signal from the planet's surface. Miraculously, Kolak, the Klingon captain, has survived the destruction of his vessel and now seeks to talk peace with us. We are beaming down.
Captain's log, stardate 7726.9. 
Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott reportin'... The Enterprise remains in orbit around the planet Iskonia. Twelve hours ago, Capt'n James T. Kirk and First Officer Spock beamed down to the surface with a landin' party. We havna heard from 'em since. I'm sendin' a second landin' party down under cover o' night, in hopes of findin' 'em.
Captain's log, stardate unknown. 
The Omnimind, a sentient computer, was once the guardian of the humanoid civilization on Iskonia. It has now set out to destroy that civilization. We must find out why. However, contacting the Enterprise is our immediate problem. The crude transmitter constructed by Mister Spock must work!
Captain's log, stardate 7727.5. 
We have contacted the Enterprise and learned that a three-man security detail is now on the planet's surface looking for us. Commanders Sulu and Uhura have transported back to the ship, and Mister Spock, Lieutenant Umeki, and myself are once again equipped with phasers and communicators.
Captain's log, supplemental.
The security detail has encountered robots. We are en route to the rendezvous point near the Iskonian Hall of Science. I only hope we can get there in time to prevent Lt. Latham and her men from being captured... or killed!
Captain's log, supplemental.
The security detail has encountered robots. I am confident that Lt. Latham and her men could hold off attackers under normal circumstances, but they don't know this enemy as we do. I hope we arrive at the Hall of Science in time.
Captain's log, stardate 7728.1. 
According to Karos the Giant, another of the Omnimind's bizarre failed experiments, my security people have been captured and taken inside the Main Dome, housing the Omnimind. The Iskonian strike force units have never been able to penetrate this fortress-like structure, but we must.
Captain's log, stardate 7728.1. 
My security people have been taken inside the Main Dome, housing the Omnimind. The Iskonian strike force units have never been able to penetrate it. However, they don't have the power of the Enterprise at their disposal.
Captain's log, supplemental.
The fate of Lt. Marsha Latham and the security detail is still unknown. We are inside the Main Dome, but at the cost of a life – Lyra's friend, Karos. Spock's tricorder has indicated a central power core in the structure. We are proceeding toward it.
Captain's log, supplemental.
While following Spock's tricorder signal to find the core of the Main Dome, we have discovered horrifying, half-dead creatures who exist in the corridors and empty spaces of the structure.
Captain's log, stardate 7729.7. 
Using Lieutenant Marsha Latham as a pattern, the Omnimind has transformed itself into humanoid form... It now considers itself perfect!
Captain's log, stardate 7729.7. 
Using Lieutenant Marsha Latham as a pattern, the Omnimind has taken human form. But the pattern was too perfect. The Omnimind has lost some of its power and it can't control its emotions. We have now found its greatest weakness, and the purpose behind its bizarre experiments on Lyra and her people – an intense fear of death.
Captain's log, supplemental.
The machine intelligence calling itself the Omnimind was only a guardian computer, constructed and programmed by Ilik Na, leader of Lyra's people. He so feared abandoning his people, even in death, that he created an elaborate computer system incorporating his own essence... and his fears.
Captain's log, stardate 7731.1. 
Medical and psychiatric personnel, as well as a sociology team, are remaining on Iskonia to help Lyra and her people to adjust to their new lives. Lt. Marsha Latham and her men are recovering from their ordeal in sick bay, as we proceed to the Neumenedes star system for a well-deserved R&R.

TOS comic: "The Wristwatch Plantation"[]

Captain's log, stardate 7738.5. 
R&R has been delayed by a priority mission. We are proceeding to the planet Mimit, in the Zeta-Sagittarii system, with V.I.P. passengers — a delegation of high-ranking Bebebebeque. Because of their stature in the Federation, the Enterprise has been temporarily placed under the supervision of Starfleet Colonial Operations. We have been diverted from normal patrol to determine the fate of a Bebebebeque colony established on Mimit approximately 15 Earth years ago.
Captain's log, stardate 7739.1. 
We are en route to the Zeta Sagittarii system with a delegation of Bebebebeque aboard. Our orders are to investigate the fate of their colony, established on the planet Mimit 15 standard years ago. Because of their special needs, and their importance in the Federation, certain areas of the Enterprise have been converted for their use. But despite those efforts, difficulties have arisen among my crew — most notably a fatigue syndrome Dr. McCoy has labeled Bebebebequephobia.
Captain's log, supplemental.
A fatigue syndrome, which Dr. McCoy has labeled Bebebebequephobia, is decimating my crew, and I am critically short of personnel to run this ship.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Tensions between my crew and the Bebebebeque continue to escalate everywhere except in Engineering. Starfleet has authorized experimental modifications to the transporter and auxiliary phaser controls, and it is my theory that activity accounts for the lack of hostilities there. However, we are due to arrive at Mimit in one standard week. Lieutenant Commanders Uhura and Sulu are wagering we will not make it without a major incident elsewhere on the ship.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Only Mr. Spock and I know the real reason for the presence of the Ferreth alienologist, Mernat, aboard the Enterprise. Some of my crew may be involved in smuggling a canister of an illegal drug known as Theep onto the ship using the confusion caused by transporting the Bebebebeque to Mimit as a cover.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Only Mr. Spock and I know the truth about Mernat, the Ferreth alienologist... He is here as an investigator. Some of my crew have smuggled a canister of Theep... thiotrichloride ethepeptine... onto the ship. The drug is a hormonal stimulant affecting only Ferreth males, who kill for mating privileges as Vulcans do. But, more important, if the drug is here, it is a danger to the ship. Theep is an unstable and highly corrosive substance that will quickly eat through any material... including its own container!
Captain's log, supplemental.
A fist fight has broken out in the enlisted crew mess hall. Up to now, sporadic arguments involving the Beeks and my crew have been averted, and I only hope this incident is not an indication of a new behavioral trend among ship's personnel...
Captain's log, stardate 7748.5. 
Everyone aboard the Enterprise is experiencing an intense pain, much like that of a migraine headache. According to Mr. Spock, it is because our minds are being read by a Kzinti telepath...
Captain's log, supplemental.
Despite my full report of the incident with the Kzinti telepath, Starfleet has ordered us to the Bebebebeque colony on Mimit without investigating the purpose of the armed Kzinti warship...
Captain's log, supplemental.
The Kzinti weapon has burned out our artificial gravity generators. Without them we are forced to operate the Enterprise while contending with the true weightless condition of outer space. Our malfunctioning deflector shields and phasers, coupled with this new problem, make it necessary for us to retreat from the Kzinti. Our speed is the only effective weapon we have.
Captain's log, stardate 7749.2. 
Cruising at warp 10, we have accomplished an ignoble but successful retreat from the Kzinti warship, and we are proceeding to the Bebebebeque colony on Mimit. Gravity has been restored to some areas of the ship, and repairs are under way on the malfunctioning phasers and shields. We have also found the cause of those malfunctions... a leaking container of Theep hidden in auxiliary control...
Captain's log, supplemental.
The Enterprise's artificial gravity generators have been repaired and partial power has been restored to our deflector shields with the help of the Bebebebeque engineers. We are now due to arrive in the Mimit system in a few hours, and I have called a meeting in my quarters to inform the landing party.
Captain's log, stardate 7750.3. 
Due to a transporter malfunction caused by a second leaking container of Theep, the landing party, consisting of myself, Lt. Commander Sulu, Lt. Marsha Latham, and the First High Councilor and his Nest, are going down to the surface of Mimit via shuttle. The fate of the Bebebebeque colony, established there 15 years ago, remains a mystery...
Captain's log, stardate 7752.3. 
The Bebebebeque colonials have warned us that a Kzinti hunting party is on its way here. We are making use of the colony's hidden transporter base to escape...
Captain's log, stardate 7752.3. 
15 years previously the Bebebebeque colony on Mimit was nearly destroyed by Ravagers. The Kzinti, coming to Mimit to hunt these animals, saved the colonists, then enslaved them.
Captain's log, stardate 7760.5. 
With the Bebebebeque colony now safely transplanted on another uninhabited world, the Enterprise returns to Starfleet Command Headquarters...

TOS comic: "The Nogura Regatta"[]

Captain's log, stardate 7759.3. 
The Enterprise is in orbit around Thoris Amarnis 4

TOS comic: "Heads of State"[]

Captain's log, stardate 7988.3. 
We are approaching the planet Zeta-Atez, the largest of a confederation of six large and twelve lesser planets known as the Gates of Scylla. Stability in this sector is vital because Zeta-Atez is the only source of lozite-M, an anti-magnetic bio-metallite critical to current state-of-the-art weaponry.
Captain's log, stardate 7988.3. 
We have entered orbit at Zeta-Atez, the largest of a group of six large and twelve smaller planets known as the Gates of Scylla.

TOS comic: "It's a Living"[]

Captain's log. [no stardate given] 
After a brief layover for recalibration of our inertial platform, we are leaving Starbase 22 on a heading for Argus IV, to investigate seismic disturbances that may imperil a mining colony there.
Captain's log. [no stardate given] 
Our mission to investigate seismic disturbances at the Argus IV mining colony is delayed by orders to take on a passenger, with a letter of transit signed by Admiral Nogura.

TOS comic: "Eclipse of Reason"[]

Captain's log, stardate 8180.7. 
Today is a great day for the Federation – a sister starship – the USS Icarus – is about to become the first 'manned' extragalactic probe! But as a consequence, the Enterprise must lose a good officer – and I must lose an old friend. For after today, I will never see Janice Rand again!... I have come aboard the recently re-commissioned Icarus to supervise preparations for warp-out...
Captain's log, supplemental. 
My crew and I have returned to the Enterprise... and the Icarus is now on a bearing for the energy-barrier at a speed of warp 12... We are proceeding to our next assignment immediately...
Captain's log, stardate 8122.5. 
E.T.A. over Phaeton is 5.6 hours away. It is now imperative that we redouble our efforts to penetrate the Icarus's shields...
Captain's log, stardate 8182.3. 
We are in orbit around Deep Space Station K-12. Lt. Commander Rand is undergoing a routine examination in Sick Bay...

TOS comic: "All the Infinite Ways"[]

Captain's log, stardate 8264.5. 
We have achieved standard orbit around the resort planet Hephaestus in the Kyros system… It appears, however, that we are not the only new arrivals here… While my crew takes shore leave at the health spa built among the planet's natural hot springs, I am to begin negotiations with the Hephaestan High Council for Federation mining rights…
Captain's log, supplemental. 
I find the Hephaestans a friendly and intelligent — but naive — people… which makes them ripe for Klingon conquest. I hope to prevent that contingency...
Captain's log, stardate 8264.7. 
I have obtained the Hephaestan High Council's consent to an autopsy... and Dr. Chapel has beamed down to the surface to assist Dr. McCoy…
Captain's log, supplemental. 
Drs. McCoy and Chapel have been at work on the autopsy for over two hours now. In compliance with the High Council's stipulation, I and two members of the native medical staff are present as observers…
Captain's log, stardate 8264.8. 
Unfortunately, not even Dr. McCoy's best efforts have been enough to save the Hephaestan physician, Simaya. But our regret is overshadowed by more immediate concerns…
Captain's log, stardate 8267.3. 
Freed from their loyalty to an evidently-insane commander, the Klingons have retreated. They have withdrawn their claim to Hephaestus, and negotiations are underway for reparations... Nurse McCoy has returned to Hephaestus. Our technicians have supervised the construction of new computers in the rebuilt manufacturing center, and we are in the process of transferring the symbiont-data back to the Hephaestans —

TOS comic: "We Are Dying, Egypt, Dying!"[]

Captain's log, stardate 8305.3. 
With our first glimpse of the surface of Zeta Reticuli II, we have made a surprising discovery...
Captain's log, supplemental
As we explore the planet's surface, Spock will remain aboard the Enterprise, monitoring the advance of the meteoroid shower...
Captain's log, stardate 8306.7
The Enterprise has regained normal dimensions and the landing-party has returned to its regular duties. We are intercepting the meteoroid shower and destroying it with photon torpedoes...

TOS comic: "The Quality of Mercy"[]

Captain's log, stardate 8822.5
We are proceeding from Starbase 9 with a minimal crew-complement of 200... all of whom have been granted Class "A" security-clearances for our top-secret – highly dangerous – mission! Chief Medical Officer McCoy and First Officer Spock have been summoned to my quarters for an initial briefing on our destination. However...
Captain's log, supplemental. 
A boarding-party consisting of Mr. Spock, Mr. Sulu and a two-man security team is now preparing to board the Miaplacidan shuttlecraft...
Captain's log, stardate 8853.5. 
Phase One of our operation has been successfully completed. The automated shuttlecraft is now en route back to Miaplacidus II
Captain's log, supplemental. 
I have convened a briefing on Phase Two of our mission...
Captain's log, stardate 8893.3. [Scott recording] 
The strike force is now en route to Miaplacidus V.
Captain's log, stardate 8963.3. 
We have escaped the Miaplacidan system without being detected. Are now on course for Starbase with Tak Markessan as our 'guest'...

TOS comic: "There's No Space Like Gnomes'!"[]

Captain's log, stardate 8431.5
The Enterprise has achieved standard orbit around the planet Valerian in the Gamma Arietis system for the annual supply renewal and medical checkup of the Federation colonists there... However, our attempts to establish communications with the colonists have been met with silence...
Captain's log, supplemental. 
We have left Security Officer Sternbach at the beam-down point to guard the supply-shipment. I am accompanying Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock, and Lt. Chekov to the colony. Joining us is the Andorian sociologist Themon who must prepare a social-interaction profile on the colonists...
Captain's log, stardate 8432.7.
Our next assignment – the relocation of the Valerian colonists. We expect Valerian itself to be declared off-limits to Starfleet vessels henceforth.

TOS comic: "The Long Night's Dawn!"[]

Captain's log, stardate 8214.5. The Enterprise has been diverted from its normal course by top priority orders from Starfleet Command. We now orbit over the most populous continent of the planet Goran IV. Twilight will soon fall over this continent, but unless the Enterprise successfully completes her mission over one million people may never see another dawn! We must now prevent the Federation from becoming indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people!
Captain's log, supplemental. 
Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and I will beam down to the planet's surface to determine the effects of the gas – if any, on the Goranians. Mr. Spock, will check the progress of the natives for Federation records, killing two birds with one stone. I hope that is all that will have died when this mission is completed!
Captain's log, stardate 8124.8, Commander Scott reportin'. 
We ha' received na word from the landin' party, an' we still dinna know if th' antidote t' th' gas will cure the people of this planet – or kill them! Commander Uhura has been signallin' th' landin' party at regular intervals, but none o' them has responded... She is monitorin' all channels for any signal whatever – but there are none! In the hold sit the canisters o' antidote, waitin' to be dropped into the planet's atmosphere at a moment's notice, but I dare na release the antidote without knowin' for certain if it's needed – or I may doom the landin' party... and every livin' thing on the planet! Scott out.
Captain's log, stardate 8124.9. 
Using information given us by the man, Gorman, Spock and I have escaped from the cathedral by secret passages! Unfortunately, we were forced to leave Dr. McCoy behind! We are without weapons or communicators, yet we must contact the Enterprise... or a planet will die!
Captain's log, stardate 8125.2, Commander Scott reportin'. 
As soon as th' signal from Mr. Spock was received, th' antidote was ejected into Goran IV's atmosphere. Th' pressure-sensitive canisters exploded at th' proper height, distributin' th' antidote thoroughly. It is too early t' tell if th' antidote was effective, or t' know if th' landin' party was saved. All we can do is wait, an' hope they contact us again.

TOS novel: Triangle[]

Captain's log, Enterprise, Supplementary. 
Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott in temporary command. Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock, together with the Zaran—ah—passenger, Sola Thane, remain missing. Communications reports no contact, in spite of the fact that Sola Thane was equipped with a working communicator. Sensor scans of the planet below are unable to distinguish their life-form readings from the extremely high level of background biological activity.
We are no closer to any means of detecting or combating the takeover of Enterprise crew by either the Zaran Totality or Ambassador Gailbraith's Oneness. Personally, I am not a' that sure which is worse.


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