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The log entries made in the Captain's personal log aboard the USS Enterprise-E were recorded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.



  • "Captain's personal log, Stardate 57327.8. The wheel has come full circle. There has been a great adjustment on the Enterprise with the loss of Commander Data, and with Will Riker's and Deanna's new postings. Amidst so many new faces, I feel at times, alone. I fear the legacy of this vessel is coming to an end. Though I know she will carry on long after I am gone. For my part, I don't want this to be the last page of my journey aboard this ship, my ship. Our latest assignment has me confronting a problem the Federation has dealt with since its founding, one I may very well have set in motion. Is this the promised end?" (ST video game: Legacy)
  • "Captain's personal log, supplemental. Our ruse has drawn out T'Uerell and the task force she commands. The Klingon and Romulan fleets have successfully lured the other elements of her Borg forces to this more defensable position above Bajor. The Bajorans have graciously offered the services of Deep Space 9, recognising the tactical importance of this region. Our fleets, however, are scattered across this system engaging the enemy. If we are to hold them here and possibly turn this engagement into an advantage, we must bring the fleets together. Our first order of business is to secure Deep Space 9 and use its might to keep the Borg off balance. If it falls, so do all are chances of equalizing the odds. As for T'Uerell, time shall unfold what plated cunning hides." (ST video game: Legacy)


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