Captain Cook was a civilian transport vessel, a decommissioned Federation starship in operation in the late 23rd century.

The vessel was named after James Cook, a famous British explorer in the 18th century.

History and specificsEdit

Captain Cook was a small, lightly armed vessel with a crew of five, but could accommodate up to 14 people. It was used for cargo deliveries and ferry service. Facilities included a transporter in one corner of engineering, a bridge, galley and quarters. It was under the command of J. David Grumm, who described the vessel as agile and fast.

In the spring of 2273, the Captain Cook was chartered by Giancarlo Rowland to ferry himself, Rear Admiral James T. Kirk and security guards Apryl Burch and Titus Hay to Neural for a clandestine mission to determine whether the Klingon Empire was adhering to its promise to stay off the planet. Captain J. David Grumm took the vessel back to Neural two weeks later to see if the landing party wanted to leave. The vessel then returned one week later, and when Grumm was unable to reach the landing party, per an agreement with Kirk, he alerted Starfleet. When Kirk, Krell and Governor Apella took a Klingon freighter into orbit, Captain Cook protected them by engaging in battle with the Klingon bird-of-prey ChonnaQ. However, the small ship was no match for the Klingons, and it couldn't take much more pounding. The conflict was ended by the arrival of the USS Potemkin. (TOS novel: Serpents in the Garden)

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