A smart amusing guide that explains how any geek, Star Trek or otherwise, can land the woman of his dreams by following the example of intergalactic ladies' man Captain Kirk.

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When it comes to legendary men of romance, Casanova, Don Juan, and James Bond are the first names that might enter the mind. But really, there is only one man who can boast that his powers of seduction have taken him where no man has gone before: Captain James T. Kirk.

Captain Kirk's status as an interstellar stud is proven by his ability to seduce any woman, in any situation, in any part of the galaxy. Women from high society princesses to insane asylum slave girls - from blood-sucking shape-shifters to emotion-deprived androids - they all swoon, acquiesce, and malfunction from just one kiss. But a single question remains in the minds of millions of Star Trek fans aboard Starship Earth: how does he do it? Whether you're a guy who wouldn't be caught dead in the self-help aisle, or a gal looking for a gift for a socially impaired friend, the answers for how to succeed with women are inside this quirkily entertaining guide.


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AndreaChristine ChapelPavel ChekovArthur ColemanDeelaDrusillaElaanCharlie EvansFlintGarth of IzarAdolf HitlerRayna KapecLenore KaridianEdith KeelerKelindaJames T. KirkKodosRoger KorbyJanice LesterMartaLeonard McCoyEve McHuronMiramaneeMarlena MoreauMarlena Moreau (mirror)Helen NoelHarry MuddNona-Kahn-ut-tuOdonaChristopher PikeRaelJanice RandRojanSalishMontgomery ScottShahnaAreel ShawSpockSpock (mirror)Hikaru SuluSylviaTomarTyreeNyota UhuraJanet Wallace
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CupidGodAbraham LincolnLady MacbethWilliam Shakespeare

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USS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-A


Cygnet XIVDenevaEarthEdenElba IIEminiar VIIExo IIIGamma Trianguli VIHellHolberg 917GManark-4San Francisco Fleet YardsUtopia PlanitiaVenusVulcan

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High Advisor of ArdanaKaridian CompanyStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets


892-IVAncient WestAndroidcatChristmascorbomiteDynasty!Elasian teargeishaGreekknightKobayashi Maru scenariolancemahko rootOmicron sporephaserPon farrPrime DirectiveRigelian feverrobotRomanRomulan alesand-batThree-dimensional chessvampireVegan choriomeningitisVenus drugwaltzwinewitchXenopolycythemia



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