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In 1938, a radio play by Ben Russell is aired over the Barnard Broadcasting System as part of The Adventures of Captain Proton series. Dr. Chaotica has stolen one of the Orbs of Bajor. After a visit to Station Number Nine, Captain Proton and his crew pursue Chaotica toward the Celestial Temple. Their ship is sucked into a wormhole which takes them to the other side of the galaxy. Jem'Hadar soldiers teleport onto the ship and kidnap Constance Goodheart, Proton's secretary. Proton then receives a message from Chaotica, who informs him that he is holding Constance hostage and forces Proton to proceed to an asteroid, where he and Buster Kincaid are taken prisoner. Chaotica plans to lead the Jem'Hadar, the vanguard of the Dominion's invasion army, through the wormhole to conquer the Incorporated Planets. Proton, Kincaid and Constance escape with the stolen orb and make their way back through the wormhole, which they close with their Super-Destructo Beam. However, Constance has been replaced with a shape-shifting Founder, whom Chaotica orders to disable the space station's defenses and reopen the wormhole for the invasion fleet...



Evelyn Ankers/Constance GoodheartPeter Collyer/Captain ProtonCharles Correll/Ben SiskoNorris Goff/Jem'Hadar • Raymond Hayashi/Buster KincaidBoris Karnov/ChaoticaChester Lauck/Jem'Hadar • Ken Stiles/Announcer • Conrad Williams/Narrator
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John JacksMaxwell RobertsBen RussellOrson WellesH.G. Wells

Starships and vehicles



BadlandsBajorCelestial TempleDeep Space SectorDenorios BeltEarthStation Number Nine

Races and cultures

BajoranDominionFounders • Guardians • HumanJem'Hadar

States and organizations

Incorporated Planets

Technology and weapons

imagizerlaserradiospace stationSuper-Destructo Beamweapon

Ranks and titles


Other references

1938The Adventures of Captain ProtonAlta-SchweitzerappleasteroidBarnard Broadcasting SystemCaptain Proton MagazinegalaxyionJack Armstrong, the All-American BoylanguageThe Mercury Theatre on the AirmoviemusicneutronorborbitplanetprotectoratereligionsciencesecretaryspacetempleThe War of the Worldswaterwormhole





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