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"Captives in Space" was a Star Trek: The Original Series comic strip published in 1970. It was the third of 11 annual stories in the UK comic strips series, and was printed along with the comic strip "Planet of Rejects" and short story "Gateway to the Future" in TV21 Annual 1971.


Omnibus teaser
The Enterprise visits Skur, a world inhabited by sentient felinoids and humanoid beasts. When Scotty's bigoted rudeness offends planetary leader Zeldon, the landing party is thrown in a zoo.


Kirk beams down with Spock and Montgomery Scott for a diplomatic visit to the planet Skur. As they near a city, they think they see a farmer, but it is actually a caveman with only an animal's intelligence. Using their translator communicator, they speak with Ambassador Meng, a felinoid — who is as surprised by the landing party's resemblance to his world's humanoid beasts as they are. Scott is particularly disturbed by it.

Relations are strained when Meng introduces the Starfleet representatives to his father, supreme head Zeldon. At a banquet, Scott rudely comments on Skurian table manners. Deeply offended, Zeldon locks the men in a zoo and orders the destruction of the Enterprise.

Kirk effects a quick jailbreak and lets some captive beasts loose as a distraction. When Meng and armed guards pursue, Kirk hopes to jump them and retrieve the communicator. Suddenly the felinoids are overrun by beasts. Kirk dives for a dropped rifle and shoots an attacking humanoid to save Meng's life. In gratitude, Meng returns the communicator. Later, as the landing party prepares to beam up, Meng sees them off, hoping that one day their species might understand each other.



James T. KirkMengMontgomery ScottSpockNyota UhuraZeldonunnamed SkuriansDeadly Ones

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • hovercraft


Referenced only 

Races and cultures

Deadly OneHumanSkurianVulcan

Science and technology

communicationstranslator communicatorevolutiongunrifleuniversal translatortransporter

Ranks and titles

ambassadorcaptainchief engineerfarmerFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)first officerkeeperlieutenantskipperStarfleet ranksvice regent

Other references

animalatmospherebeamcitycivilizationfelinoidminutespaceStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)treezoo


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Production history

1 September 1970 
First printed in TV21 Annual 1971 (City Magazines)
December 2016 
Reprinted in the omnibus The Classic UK Comics, Volume 2 (IDW Publishing)
16 July 2020 
Reprinted in the omnibus Graphic Novel Collection, Volume 121. (Eaglemoss Collections)

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