The Cardassian Assembly was the democratically-elected parliamentary body of the Cardassian government. It had replaced the Detapa Council by 2385. It could be a potential platform for a run for castellan of the union, as unsuccessfully attempted by Evek Temet that year. (The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow)


Members represented regions of the Cardassian Union, and were formed into political parties. Kelas Parmak, the companion of the Castellan, Elim Garak, regarded the Assembly as one of the triumphs of the reconstruction of the Union. However the castellan was not a member of these parties, rather working above them. Three years into his castellanship, for example, Garak had "a pleasant working lunch with the leader of the largest party in the Assembly".

In 2386, Castellan Garak commissioned Assembly-Person Carnis to perform a report into Cardassian crimes during the Occupation of Bajor. Just over two years later this was completed, and Garak chose to follow Carnis's suggestions and open a full inquiry into the crimes.

A question remained over whether anyone indicted for criminal acts would be tried on Cardassia Prime, on Bajor or in the Federation. For Garak, however, transparency was necessary for the Union to one day enter the Federation - something he confided to Parmak. (DS9 novel: Enigma Tales)


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