The Cardassian Central Command is the military authority of the Cardassian Union.


Central Command was located in the capital city on Cardassia Prime, and from their Command controlled the actions of every Cardassian starship, outpost, and space station within Cardassian borders.

The highest ranking and the leading military rank within the Central Command held the position of Gul-Tar. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor) A unique position within the Cardassian government served the role of military liaison between the Central Command and the Obsidian Order. It was considered a neutral position and a highly important office. (TLE novel: Dawn of the Eagles)


Central Command was formed in the 19th century along with the Obsidian Order and the Detapa Council. At this time it was decided that both Central Command and the Obsidian Order would be under the control of the civilian Detapa Council, however in reality Central Command and the Order became separate entities who soon had all control of the Union.

However, this rule soon came to an end in 2372 when Central Command was overthrown and a new civilian Detapa Council came into existence. Unlike the destruction of the Obsidian Order in 2371, Central Command still existed in some form, but the Council had a liaison with Command who monitored their actions. (DS9 episodes: "The Wire", "Defiant", "The Way of the Warrior")


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