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The Cardassian dissident movement was a resistance movement which formed in 2370 to resist the growing power and subsequent corruption of the Cardassian Central Command. Known members ranged from civilians, to teachers, to soldiers, to government leaders. The Central Command, aided by the ruthless Obsidian Order, constantly tried to stamp out the movement, but the spark of independence failed to die out and the movement prospered.

The movement had the support of several governments, such as the United Federation of Planets, the Mathenites and their own Detapa Council, which aided in the movement's aims to bring down the Central Command and restore Cardassia's honor.

Key Members include:

Known encounters include:

  • Joret Dal, an influential soldier and CDM agent, supplied information to the Federation and, with the USS Enterprise-D's assistance, returned to his post in Cardassian territory though, seemingly, at the cost of Sito Jaxa's life.
  • Detapa Council member Kotan Pa'Dar who, along with his son Rugal, are CDM supporters and are saved from social exile by Deep Space 9's timely assistance.
  • Following an Obsidian Order raid, CDM agent Professor Natima Lang helped two CDM leaders: Hogue and Rekelen, escape to the movements headquarters on Sadara VI with assistance from Deep Space 9.
  • Legate Tekeny Ghemor and Gul Akellen Macet, both CDM supporters and leaders, attended a meeting held by Spock and Sarek in an asteroid in the Romulan Neutral Zone for the purpose of discussing the disappearance of several outposts along each others' borders (later revealed to have been caused by the Borg).
  • Ghemor's activities are exposed by the Obsidian Order in 2371 and another CDM agent, a soldier named Ari, is killed. Ghemor flees Cardassia to Mathenite territory, but continued to use his influence to help the movement.
  • Gul Skrain Dukat joined the CDM during the final stages of the overthrow of the Cardassian Central Command.
  • CDM agents Rhemet and Tehrak represent Cardassia at a negotiation to fight the Dominion.

The movement mobilized for open rebellion in 2372 when, following the dissolution of the Obsidian Order, the movement had a free reign to gather weapons and troops and allied themselves with the Detapa Council and launched an attack which overthrew the Central Command. The new CDM-controlled government was barely able to hold off the Klingon Invasion of Cardassia, and was ultimately wiped out by the Dominion's arrival on Cardassian soil.

The movement joined the Cardassian Rebellion and helped overthrow the Dominion's hold on the Alpha Quadrant at the end of the Dominion War.

(TNG episode: "Lower Decks", DS9 episodes: "Cardassians", "Profit and Loss", "Second Skin", "The Way of the Warrior")

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