The Cardassian civilization, like many humanoid cultures, use a hierarchy of ranks and titles in their military. While the Cardassian culture is extremely authority-driven, many of their ranks do not have direct translations outside of the Cardassian language.

The Cardassian ranks of "gul" and "glinn" were introduced in TNG episode: "The Wounded", while "legate", the only English-translated rank, was introduced in DS9 episode: "The Maquis, Part II". Of the remaining non-canon ranks, "gil" was mentioned in the DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, "gorr" is from DS9 - Millennium novel: Inferno, "gul-tar" is from DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor, and the rest are from TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers.




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