A Cardassian shuttlecraft is a type of shuttlecraft used by the Cardassian Union to transport Cardassians and supplies on short missions away from their larger starships.

One design of Cardassian shuttle was used by Gul Tartek's elite team, sent to Bajor in late 2371 to recover a temporal disruptor which was sealed in an abandoned mining operation over two years earlier during the Cardassian withdrawal from the occupation of Bajor. The shuttle was fitted with an experimental cloaking device that did not operate properly, and flooded the vicinity with chroniton subatomic particles when it came into proximity with the time-changing device. The gul commented that Cardassian research and development wasn't getting enough funds when the cloak began malfunctioning. (DS9 comic: "No Time Like the Present")

No class was designated for this vessel, which was shown in a few panels of the comic.
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