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Carl Arthur Curtis was a Human Starfleet captain in the 23rd century. (FASA RPG module: The Strider Incident)


Carl Curtis was born in the region of Ireland, on Earth. As of reference stardate 2/1809, he was 49 years old. He is described as a short, slightly overweight man, with prematurely grey and balding hair, high cheekbones, and a squeaky voice.

For the great majority of his starfleet career, Curtis served aboard starbases, not starships, going against his true aspirations to captain a "ship-of-the-line", and work his way to Admiralty. Curtis's assignments included Starbase 10 for 6 years, USS Maxrix for one year, Starbase 11 for 5 years, Starbase 12 for 7 years, and the USS Windfall for 1 year, before being assigned to Defense Outpost 1121.

On reference stardate 1/9303.12, Curtis undergoing a performance review, Curtis's superior told him that he was considered to be unpromotable. In an outburst, Curtis struck his superior, and was subsequently charged with 'disorderly conduct unbecoming of an officer', and a a temporary loss of rank. However, no assault charges were filed.

On reference stardate 2/1601.11, officer selections began for several new Enterprise-class cruiser launches. Curtis hoped to be selected but was not even considered. Kristine Reardon was selected, but turned down the offer, which cause Curtis to develop a grudge against Reardon. Curtis began spreading the lie that he was also selected, but turned down the offer to command Defense Outpost 1121, though few believe him.

On reference stardate 2/1809.01, the USS Strider returned from its routine scouting mission early, and with heavy damage. Captain Curtis hailed the vessel, and asked why the ship had deviated from its standard patrol. As Captain Kristine Reardon explained that she had been in combat with Klingons, the Outpost beamed over security personnel to take the Strider and the ship's crew into custody.

Curtis later welcomed Captain Grant Franklin of the visiting USS Lexington aboard the station, and, along with Commodore Bram Harmonson, briefed Franklin on the ongoing diplomatic crisis caused by Captain Kristine Reardon. Commodore Harmonson put Captain Curtis in charge of building the case against Reardon, demanding he cover every avenue, and insinuating that a successful conviction might mean a promotion for Curtis.

After the death of station officer Lieutenant Art Davials under highly suspicious circumstances, Curtis confronted Captain Franklin, demanding that he not interfere with the legal proceedings by conducting his own investigation. After this confrontation, Franklin took an even more direct hand in the investigation of the incident. Curtis responded by bringing in several of Franklin's crew in for questioning, interrogating them throughout the night, until nearly 0400 hours.

Eventually, a combined crew of the Lexington and the Strider successfully brought back evidence implicating Commodore Harmonson in a Klingon conspiracy, as an agent of the Klingon Empire. As Captain Curtis had been enthusiastically following Harmonson's treasonous orders, when, several weeks later, he was tried for his actions by Commodore Astak, he was found guilty with overwhelming evidence. Instead of a Federation sentence, however, he was allowed to be extradited to the Klingon Empire to face judgment there. (FASA RPG module: The Strider Incident)