Captain Carlos Tarasco was a human male who commanded the ill-fated SS Valiant on her final exploration voyage between 2065 and 2070. He was a good man who cared deeply for his crew, but ultimately this proved to be his, and his crew's, undoing.


After nearly completing their survey of a section of the Alpha Quadrant, the Valiant encountered a magnetic storm which threw the ship light-years off course to the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Despite massive damage being caused to the Valiant's propulsion systems, the Valiant was soon able to repair them and get underway for Earth again, albeit with eleven months added onto the journey.

Unfortunately, to make the journey home, the Valiant had to pass through the galactic barrier (nicknamed "Big Red" by the crew), but with no other alternative, Tarasco ordered that they do so. Shortly after entering the barrier, the ship and crew were badly affected by the barrier and several crewmen were injured on the bridge, including Lieutenant Hollandsworth and Commander Amir Rashad. Tarasco observed Rashad light-up immediately in front of him and ordered medics to the bridge. (TNG novel: The Valiant)

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