Carnegie was a planet in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants. It was originally colonized in order to build a network of factories to make use of the planet's rich natural resources. By the mid 23rd century, Carnegie was a worldwide industrial park and financially successful; by the mid 24th century, however, the widespread use of replicators had made most of the world's industries obsolete.

By the 2370s, Carnegie had become a Federation world, and a major center for art and design. Carnegie designers were responsible for Federation fighters used during the Dominion War, and a number of Virtual award-winning holoprograms. Carnegie's renaissance may be attributable to a Gallamite criminal, who had created one of the first virtual design businesses on the planet with the help of a grant from the Federation's Assistance to Unaligned Planets Program. (SCE short story: "An Easy Fast")

While some details of David Gold's story of Abraham Silver may be invented, Carnegie's status was confirmed by an objective data source.

In 2406 Starfleet was forced to quarantine Carnegie in the face of a highly virulent disease affecting nearly 80% of the population. Starfleet hospital ships including the USS Pasteur, Comfort, Curie, and Fleming were diverted to help combat the plague. Federation President Aennik Okeg refused to comment on rumors that the plague was not biological in origin. (STO website: The Path to 2409)

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