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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Carolyn Palamas (mirror).

Carolyn Palamas was a female Human Starfleet officer during the 23rd century.


In 2266, Lieutenant Palamas was assigned to the USS Enterprise as A & A officer (Archaeology & Anthropology). During her years aboard the Enterprise, she accompanied Captain James T. Kirk on numerous landing parties, most notably to translate Janus Gate inscriptions on Tlaoli IV, a disastrous return visit to Avalon and an encounter with the million-year-old warrior robots at the Asteroid Tessel excavations. (TOS - The Janus Gate novels: Present Tense, Future Imperfect, Past Prologue; TOS novel: Prime Directive; TOS novel: Crisis of Consciousness)

Very shortly after her initial assignment to the Enterprise in 2267, Lieutenant Palamas played a key role in diplomatic negotiations between the Federation and the Maabas government, helping to provide crucial cultural insights into the Maabas social structure, which ultimately aided in the eventual deactivation of a Kenisian superweapon capable of destroying interstellar space within an entire arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. (TOS novel: Crisis of Consciousness)

Carolyn Palamas in clothing provided by Apollo.

In mid-2267, Palamas accompanied Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Lt. Commander Scott, and Ensign Chekov to the surface of Pollux IV, after the Enterprise was stopped in space by a being claiming to be the Greek god, Apollo.

Upon arrival on the surface, Apollo tried to use his powers to persuade the landing party to worship him. He was captivated by Palamas's beauty, and the two quickly fell in love. In order to defeat Apollo and leave the planet, Captain Kirk ordered Palamas to anger Apollo so he would exhaust his power, enabling the Enterprise to destroy his generator. Her sense of loyalty and duty to her captain compelled her to betray Apollo, and he ascended to the Gods, allowing the landing party to leave. (TOS episode: "Who Mourns for Adonais?")

A few weeks later, Palamas discovered that she was pregnant by Apollo. She transferred off the Enterprise in her first trimester, and took an assignment at the archaeological dig on Camus II. In 2268, she gave birth to a daughter, Athena Palamas (named after the Greek goddess of wisdom). Athena was sent to Earth to live with Palamas's sister, where she was studied by Starfleet Medical for some time. (NF novel: Being Human)

By another account, a non-corporeal child formed into a baby boy within days. Palamas was transferred by the USS Constitution to Earth Colony 9 so that she and her son could be given special care. (TOS comic: "Of Woman Born")

By 2270, she had assumed the role of A & A officer aboard Science Station 187, a space station orbiting Gateway, with her son residing with her aboard the outpost. When waves of temporal disruptions from the Guardian of Forever threatened all existence, Palamas traveled through the time portal with Scott to rescue Captain James T. Kirk and Spock in the early 21st century. (TOS comic: "An Unexpected Yesterday")

In 2289, she joined Kirk and a number of former Enterprise officers aboard the USS Enterprise-A as part of a clandestine effort to defeat a group of malevolent creatures who had killed many members of Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, and the Romulan Star Navy during the preceding decades. (ST comic: "Debt of Honor")

The Palamas family history and official records document Carolyn Palamas as being killed by celebium poisoning in 2269, while she was part of a research team of scientists on Camus II. (NF novel: Gods of Night)

Palamas was the great-great-grandmother to Starfleet officer Mark McHenry. (NF novel: Being Human)





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