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A carpet or rug was a flat textile used as a floor covering or wall ornament.

History and specifics

When James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy beamed down to the Museum of Missing Ships in the year 2266, a red carpet was rolled out for them. (TOS comic: "Museum at the End of Time")

Starfleet spacecraft and other starship and shuttlecraft-type vehicles in and around the Federation had internal spaces that were carpeted.

When the cruiser Peleliu was damaged by Kauld attack in the late 2270s, the aftermatch of the attack left burnt and smoldering carpet.

When observing the construction of the composite frigate Challenger, Nick Keller wondered to himself why the otherwise hurried shipwright work had been delayed for the addition of carpet. He remembered afterwards that carpet helped with acoustics, was treated with flame-retardant material to prevent open fires aboard ship, as well as providing footing and a safety factor in case of falls. As a so-called "Mongrel-class" vessel, Challenger in particular had several different varieties of carpet that had been scavenged from the various wrecked ship she was built from. On the bridge, the lower deck was carpeted with burgundy, while the quarterdeck and sci-deck had navy blue carpet taken from a completely different vessel. (TOS - New Earth novel: Challenger)



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