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Dr. Carter Greyhorse was a human male alive in the 24th century who was a medical doctor and an officer in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet. He was of Native American ancestry.


In 2333, Greyhorse reported on board the USS Stargazer, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard to begin his assignment as chief medical officer. His family were mostly engineers, but Greyhorse moved into medicine as he felt he lacked the engineering skill of his family. However, he noted that he lacked an emotional investment in the role.

Shortly after arriving on the Stargazer, Greyhorse began a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Gerda Asmund. Gerda had been raised by Klingons, and Greyhorse was unable to attract her interest at first. When his persistence caused her to strike him, Greyhorse fought back, earning Gerda's respect.

Greyhorse's relationship with Gerda lasted for 18 years. In all of that time, they did not reveal the nature of their relationship to anyone on the ship, including Gerda's twin, Idun. The only person to even suspect the truth was Jack Crusher, who walked in on the couple as they parted from an embrace.

In late 2350, Gerda was no longer able to suppress her Klingon nature, and attempted to assassinate her crewmate, Morgen, the heir to the throne of Daa'V. The Daa'Vit and the Klingon Empire were enemies of long standing and Gerda claimed Klingon bloodright.

After her unsuccessful assassination attempt, Gerda attempted suicide by poison, according to Klingon tradition. Greyhorse was forced to save Gerda's life, and Gerda never forgave him for it.

Gerda was tried and found guilty of attempted murder. She served her time at a rehabilitation colony and was eventually released. Greyhorse attempted to contact her several times to renew their relationship, but rehabilitation had changed Gerda and she was no longer interested in renewing the relationship. Shortly after being released, Gerda was killed in a shuttle accident.

Greyhorse continued to serve on the Stargazer as CMO until the Battle of Maxia in 2355, when the crew of the Stargazer was forced to abandon the ship.

The Fall of Carter Greyhorse[]

Greyhorse never got over the death of Gerda, and began plotting his revenge on those that he believed abandoned her.

In 2367, Greyhorse was on board the USS Enterprise-D, en route to Morgen's coronation, when he attempted his revenge. He made attempts on the lives of Morgen, Captain Gilaad Ben Zoma, and Commander Tricia Cadwallader, while planting evidence intended to frame Idun. However, Idun observed that the assassinations attempts reflected a lack of true honour that reinforced the idea that she was not responsible, such as shooting Morgen in a dark room or trying to gut Ben Zoma with ceremonial knives.

Enterprise chief of security Worf and CMO Dr. Beverly Crusher found the evidence that truly implicated Greyhorse and he was taken into custody as he attempted to make Captain Picard watch as he tried to capture and dematerialize the rest of his targets.

In 2379, Greyhorse was serving his sentence in a Federaton rehabilitation facility in New Zealand when he was recruited to assist Captain Picard in a rescue effort of Dr. Beverly Crusher, who was listed as 'missing, presumed dead' in Romulan space, as Greyhorse was the Starfleet doctor best qualified to continue Crusher's work before her disappearance. (Star Trek: Stargazer series, TNG novels: Reunion, Death in Winter)

Special thanks to Michael Schuster, who provided the drawing and maintains an informative and detailed Stargazer website. Michael is also co-author of the SCE eBook, The Future Begins.


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