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Publisher's description

DaiMon Forg of the Ferengi Merchantman thought he was getting a fantastic new computer at a stunningly low price. But he realized too late that the price he paid for the machine from Beta 3 was far too high...

What starts as a simple rescue mission reveals something that astonishes the U.S.S. da Vinci crew -- a ship full of polite, docile, and generous Ferengi! Soon, Commander Gomez and her S.C.E. team realize that the Ferengi have been taken over by Landru, the ancient super-computer, which has returned -- a century after being dismantled by the crew of the Starship Enterprise -- to wreak havoc once more.

And Landru has set its sights on the da Vinci next...


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Carol AbramowitzArrizonDomenica CorsiKieran DuffyDiego FelicianoManfred FoleyDavid GoldSonya GomezVance HawkinsIna MarLandruLeetaAndrea LipinskiLoten YovreDavid McAllanRomMontgomery ScottSolomanSongmin Wong
Referenced only
GintNogJean-Luc PicardBenjamin SiskoZek


Atrium of AnnouncementsAvenue of ActuariesFerenginarHalls of CommercePath of Preferred Payment
Referenced only
Deep Space 9Empok NorWrigley's Pleasure Planet

Starships and vehicles

USS da Vinci (Saber-class) • Debenture (Ferengi merchantman)
Referenced only
USS Defiant

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Ferengi AllianceStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Commercial and Mercantile Institute of Ferenginar

Other references

baseball batBlessed ExchequerDominion WarCelestial AuctioneersDivine Treasuryenergy dissipating weaponFerengi Rules of AcquisitionGrand NagusGreat Monetary Collapsekohlar beastlatinum


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