Celebium (symbol Cb) is a chemical element, atomic number 113 on the periodic table.

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Celebium, in its most stable form, has an atomic mass of 299, and was discovered by the Humans for the first time on the planet Mercury in the year 2023. This metal is part of the trans-uranic series of heavy elements. (ST reference: Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Celebium is noted for extreme radiation output and toxicity, causing severe damage to many lifeforms, including carbon-based humanoids. A team of Federation scientists on Camus II claimed to have taken casualties from celebium, but Doctor Leonard McCoy examined one ailing survivor and determined their poisoning had come from another source. (TOS episode: "Turnabout Intruder")



In real-life science, element 113 has yet to be positively discovered. A placeholder name based on its number, "ununtrium", has been suggested to document the possible synthesis of this substance. Some models of theoretical science have stated that heavy elements on this scale cannot exist in nature. Subspace science mentioned in Star Trek may account for the contradiction of this being a deposit on other worlds.


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