Central Hospital of Altair IV was a prestigious medical facility on planet Altair IV.

Malthus Dey was a member of the Central Hospital's Toxin Assessment Wing until Uta Morell asked him to join her medical team aboard the USS Enterprise-B. (ST - The Lost Era novel: One Constant Star)

Dr. Ross Mubi was a leading researcher at Central Hospital in the 2330s, and was famed for his work in nerve regeneration. In 2339, Geordi La Forge visited Mubi at Central Hospital, though he was unable to repair the young boy's faulty optic nerves. (TNG eBook: Slings and Arrows: The Insolence of Office)

Dr. Henri Roget was a physician at Central Hospital in 2371, when he was awarded the Carrington Award. (DS9 episode: "Prophet Motive")

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