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The Centurion-class was a type of starship operated by the Romulan Star Empire as a flagship in the 2250s[1] of the Kelvin timeline.


The class was a symmetrical design with a number of protruding elements pointing both fore and aft, the most dominant of these being two large pairs at the front of the design; one of each pair on either side of the vessels, and one of each pair on the top and bottom. Central to the bulk of the design, towards the read of the vessel, was a glowing green orb. The class was armed with phasers and photon torpedoes.

Like its contemporaries, the Cetratus-class, Gladius-class, Patronus-class, and Securis-class, the Centurion-class could, in addition to its standard systems, be armed with the repulsion charge and holo-mines, and could be equipped with a cloaking device and energy flux. Also in common with other classes, the Centurion-class had at least one escape pod[2].

In the 2250s members of the Centurion-class were part of the Romulan force that battled starships of the Federation. (TOS video game: D-A-C)

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