Cereth ajElasi was a Elasi male in the 23rd century. Cereth was a member of the ajElasi clan from Menalvagor.

Cereth was regarded as a highly charismatic man who gathered a number of followers after his release from prison. Like other members of his family, he was daring and impulsive, but quite through in planning and executing activities. Despite his skills in other areas, Cereth actually had little ability to command a space vessel.

History[edit | edit source]

As a young man, he had spent three years in a United Federation of Planets detention center on Beta Carina VI for assault of an Andorian official administering a supply depot on his homeworld.

In 2268, Cereth and several of his followers captured the Starfleet vessel USS Masada, and took the crew hostage. When the USS Enterprise was sent to investigate, Cereth sent a list of 25 Elasi prisoners held by the Federation to Captain James T. Kirk and demanded their release, or he would destroy the ship and its crew. Kirk informed Cereth that he would comply with the demands, and after breaking communications he used the Masada's prefix code to lower the shields long enough to beam a landing party on board the ship.

In the game there are several ways to end this conversation. If the player is aggressive enough and/or keeps hailing Cereth, he will start executing the hostages. When seven or so hostages are executed, Kirk will be decommissioned from this mission.

After freeing the crew from confinement, Kirk and the landing party were able to gain access to the bridge. When Captain Kirk guaranteed the lives of Cereth and his followers, Cereth agreed to surrender to Captain Kirk.

The player also has the option to beam a bomb in the bridge killing all of the pirates, but also causing the ship to fall on the planet.
There are also options to negotiate or fire Cereth (stun or disintegrate) with the phaser. If the player responds menacingly to Cereth, he will destabilize the ship.

A security team was beamed on board the Masada, and Cereth and his followers were taken into custody by the Federation. (TOS video game: Star Trek: 25th Anniversary)

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