This character is a member of the Dukat family.

Cerin was a half-Bajoran and half-Cardassian female born to Cerin Mika in the year 2375, the illegitimate daughter of Skrain Dukat. This was the second known half-Bajoran child fathered by Dukat, and presumably the last, as Dukat died shortly after Cerin's birth.


Cerin was conceived in 2375, when Dukat, as leader of the Cult of the Pah-wraiths onboard the abandoned Empok Nor, raped and impregnated Mika following a religious rite that left him unable to control his sexual urges. When Mika discovered she was pregnant, she neglected to have any pre-natal examinations, thus maintaining hope the baby had been fathered by her husband, Cerin Benyan. When the child was born later that year, however, she was discovered to have dominant Cardassian facial features, which included leathery-grey skin, chestnut-brown hair and crystalline-black eyes.

Mika eventually embraced her child, but Dukat (unlike his other half-Bajoran daughter, Tora Ziyal) rejected the baby completely, considering her to be a mistake and a problem which had to be "sorted out". He initially tried to kill Mika by having her sucked out an airlock, then later tried to trick the entire Pah-Wraith cult into committing mass suicide with promazine. Both of these efforts were foiled by Colonel Kira Nerys, who eventually brought the baby back to Bajor aboard the Federation Starfleet starship USS Defiant. (DS9 episode: "Covenant")

In 2376, Cerin remained in the care of her mother and adoptive father. Vedek Yevir Linjarin came to believe that Cerin was a symbol that peace could be found between the Bajoran and Cardassian peoples. (DS9 - Mission: Gamma novel: Cathedral)

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