A cerulean nebula is a type of nebula named for a characteristic coloration.

History and specificsEdit

In nebular classification, these nebulae prove to be a haven from enemy threats. Shields do not work within these nebulae, and all weapons generally prove non-functional, as do cloaking devices. (ST video games: Armada, Armada II)



nebular classification
alphanumeric class 1class 2class 3class 9class 11class 12class 17class Jclass Kclass TMutara class
descriptions cerulean nebuladark nebuladark matter nebuladichromatic nebulaemission nebulainversion nebulalatinum nebulametaphasic nebulametreon nebulamicro-nebulaplanetary nebulaproto-nebulaprotostellar nebularadioactive nebulareflection nebulastellar nurserytachyon nebula
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