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Cervantes Quinn was a male human trader during the 23rd century. He was a native of Tennessee on Earth, and spoke with a regional drawl, particularly when emotional. (VAN novel: Precipice)

He graduated from university in June of 2237, and six months later, on New Year's Eve, married his college sweetheart, Denise. Five months later, in May of 2238, Denise died of xenopolycythemia. Shortly after her funeral, Quinn joined a mercenary company in order to get away from Earth and his former life. During his five-year contract with this company, Quinn witnessed atrocities committed against civilians, in some cases ordered by his superiors. He was not allowed to quit, and was instead driven to alcoholism to cope with the things he was forced to watch and do. By the time his contract ended in 2243, he had earned enough playing cards to purchase a Mancharan starhopper named Rocinante. (VAN novel: Precipice)

In the years that followed, Quinn used the Rocinante to trade in both legal and illegal goods. He was also an occasional prospector and smuggler, and while he had been arrested uncounted times, was never convicted. He held to a personal code of honor that prevented him from hurting others with his schemes, or from profiting from others' suffering. (VAN novel: Harbinger)

After Denise died, he married three more times. His third marriage was to a woman called Molly, and his fourth wife was named Amy. Quinn's Law is "They may not like you, but they still like your money." After twenty-five years of heavy drinking, he had stopped in 2266. After the death of Bridget McLellan in 2268, he started drinking again. (VAN short story: "The Stars Look Down")

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