The Ceti system is a star system in the Beta Quadrant 20 light-days from Starbase 11.

The Ceti system consisted of at least one star and one planet, Abaris, and was home to Abaris natives, a diminutive, sentient population of fungi-based non-humanoids.


In 2270, archeologists Elsa Hoff and Paul Hoff arrived in the Ceti system in order to research a lost civilization on Abaris.

In 2273, Starfleet scientists plotted the path of a rogue planetoid through the Ceti system and determined that it would impact Abaris. A commodore at Starbase 15 dispatched the USS Enterprise to rescue the Hoffs. The Enterprise also saved 2,000 surviving Abaris natives.

The impact annihilated both the planetoid and Abaris. (TOS comic: "Aberration on Abaris")

Base on its name, the Ceti system may be associated with the Cetus constellation. Its primary star could be named "Ceti", or "Ceti system" could be shorthand for some other Beta Quadrant star in that constellation: Ceti Alpha, Epsilon Ceti, Omicron Ceti or Sigma Ceti.



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