Ch'Vashrek was a martial art developed by the Romulan civilization.

It was not regarded as old as Kormerek or N'Delrek but was around over the last thousand years. The modern day masters were a traced to a group of warrior priests called the Ch'Vash. The leaders of the temple developed a series of exercises that were designed to keep the monks fighting fit. Over the centuries, they began to merge this fighting style with those of certain weapon technology which created an unarmed combat discipline. In time, the Ch'Vash monks became a feared group on Romulus with their services often hired as mercenaries amongst kings and generals.

In time, the Ch'Vash began to their art to outsiders which led to the proliferation of many instructors who claimed to have taught the true version of the discipline. In turn, this brought about a variation of style amongst the different types that were being taught to students by the various masters who diverged from the original version. As such, there were a wide number of fighting arts that originate from the Ch'Vash and were categorized as being Ch'Vashrek. Some were noted as being direct, hard and fast assaults while others were more graceful as well as sinuous which focused on reaction to attack rather than initiating combat.

On modern Romulus, there were hundreds of schools dedicated to this fighting art, each of which focused on their own blend of moves. This meant it was impossible for a practitioner of this discipline to know every move known due to the large variety of them but there were certain actions that were shared by all variations. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

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