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In the Kelvin timeline, the ChR Valkis was a Romulan starship, a J-class freighter and survey vessel in Romulan Star Empire and Independent service in the 23rd century. (ST video game: Fleet Command)

History and specifications[]

The Valkis was adapted by Romulan engineers from rival Federation freighters, such as the ECS Hermes, a former Earth Cargo Service surveyor. Both ships had a default speed of warp 2.1, a warp range of 30, impulse engine rating of 75, and a cargo capacity of 262K units. Compared to other vessels, the Romulan J-class enjoyed a 70% bonus when mining ore.

By 2262, the Valkis was propelled by a trio of warp nacelles. A pair was situated on nacelle pylons above the primary hull, and a single nacelle hung below. Three cargo modules were attached on the rear of the drive section.

Around stardate 2262.45, the Valkis and other ships of its class were among the vessels used by the Independent faction in the Neutral Zone. The ship found a berth at the friendly E-class starbase Home Station.

During the war between the Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire in the trilateral Neutral Zone, the Valkis was one of the ships defending Home Station, aligned and non-aligned star systems in the contested zone from Nausicaans, Jelna, and other hostiles. The ship's weapons and capabilities could be upgraded at Home Station, and crew rotations were handled at the starbase as well. (ST video game: Fleet Command)



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