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The ChR Velibor was a Vas Hatham-class Romulan starship in service in the late 23rd century.

Service history[]

In the 2260s decade, the Velibor was commanded by Commander Tevan Creelok. (TOS - Legacies novel: Best Defense)

In the year 2267, the Velibor was ordered to cross the Romulan Neutral Zone into Federation territory and extract Tal Shiar operative Major Sadira, a Human woman who had been undercover on the Starfleet starship USS Enterprise posing as yeoman "Lisa Bates", on her signal. Before signaling for beam-out, Sadira had taken possession of a powerful alien artifact, the Transfer Key. (TOS - Legacies novel: Captain to Captain)

Sadira subsequently took command of the Velibor, ordering an attack on the planet Centaurus to disrupt the peace conference being held there between representatives of the Federation and the Klingon Empire. She ordered the Key be integrated into the Velibor's power systems to transfer conference attendees to the home dimension of the Jatohr, the Key's creators. However, when the Enterprise attacked Velibor in defense of the planet, the resulting damage in combination with the damage caused by the incompatibility of the Key with the ship's systems proved too much and the ship self-destructed in order to prevent the Key from falling back into Federation hands. Enterprise managed to beam off the Key, but the Velibor was lost with all hands. (TOS - Legacies novel: Best Defense)


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