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For other uses, see Chaka.

A chaka

A chaka (plural chakani) is an Andorian fighting blade weapon, similar to an over-sized Klingon d'k tahg with a sideways bat'leth-style grip.

A chaka is approximately 35 centimeters long, and 75 centimeters from side to side. It weights about 1.8 kgs. They come in many varieties, some having longer central blades, spiked side-blades, or basket hilts on the hafts.

A chaka is more of a short sword than a dagger, resembling three Earth bowie-knives joined to form an upside down "T". The main blade goes outward from the fist, and the tow others protruding from either end of the handle. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

In the RPG, a chaka has a parry modifier of +1, and damage of 1d6+4


Size: 75 cm x 35 cm

Mass: 1.8 kilograms