Chaka Hramdal was an armed formed of martial arts that was developed by the Andorian civilization and made use of the large Chaka daggers. It was considered a bloody direct form of fighting with 800 different substyles. Many Andorian duels were settled by Chaka Hramdal contests due to the use of deadly strikes against an opponent. Thus, duels involving the drawing of first blood were typically duels to the death.

There number of moves included:

  • Jenac : a deep rapid thrust which was typically intended to end the combat quickly.
  • Keltrath : a direct stabbing blow downwards with one of the side blades which was both difficult to use as well as difficult to block.
  • Shes Kolnat : this brutal move was practiced by keth P'Trell and was considered a mercy strike amongst medical circles. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)
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