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The Chakuun were a warlike species that were conquered by the Tholians and used as their shock troops. In 2254 the Chakuun invaded the Federation. (EV comic: "The Fallen")


The Chakuun were, by choice, the warrior-elite of the Tholian Assembly. In exchange for their services, the Tholians provided them with weapons and ships such as the infamous Chakuun ghostship.

The Chakuun held little regard for humans, believing them to be an arrogant child race that judged other beings on human values. (EV comic: "The Fallen")


The Chakuun were originally a minor but warlike race. The Chakuun were annexed by the Tholian Assembly "four hundred cycles" before 2254, and offered their services as soldiers. The Chakuun eventually became an elite military force within the Assembly.

Aftermath of Chakuun bombardment on Theta Kalyb

The Chakuun shared the Tholian understanding of a dynamic, shifting cosmos. In 2254, when the Tholians realigned their territory to compensate for the shifting of stars, the Chakuun launched an offensive against the Federation, destroying colonies on Jubal and Theta Kalyb that they regarded as invasions. At the Battle of Theta Kalyb, the Chakuun succeeded in destroying the Nelson-class scoutships USS Brazzaville and USS Providence as well as the Miranda-class USS Achilles. In previous encounters, the Chakuun destroyed the colony of New Milan and a starship Claire Thorn was serving on. (EV comic: "The Fallen")

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