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Chang was a self-proclaimed sorcerer and the ruler of a planet in Sector Vega 6 until his death in 2264.

Chang was originally a member of a peace movement during the Eugenics Wars. They left Earth in a sleeper ship in 1997 and traveled until the 23rd century, when their ship's sensors discovered a peaceful, quiet world inhabited by a pre-industrial society. The passengers quickly settled on the planet, where they were content with their new lives except for Chang, who left for the mountains in search of adventure. He returned months later, having discovered a way to generate illusions through unknown means, and used this ability to seize power.

In 2264, Chang captured the USS Enterprise and brought James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott to his castle. He threatened to destroy the ship unless they agreed to obtain for him the Sceptre of the Sun, a magic artifact he claimed he needed to defeat Xandu, a rival sorcerer. Upon returning with the Sceptre, they found Chang trying to bring the Enterprise to his world with his tractor beams, and Spock deduced that the quest had merely been a ruse to distract them while Chang made his attempt to seized control of the ship. Chang attempted to slay Kirk with a sword, but was struck by lightning and killed. (TOS comic: "Sceptre of the Sun")

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