The following is a list of all characters appearing or referenced in Star Trek: Vanguard, expanded from a mini-pedia at the end of Reap the Whirlwind.



Starbase 47Edit

Command & Operations StaffEdit
Colonial AdministrationEdit
Starfleet IntelligenceEdit
  • Doctor Ezekiel Fisher, chief medical officer. Octogenarian, wishing to retire. Stayed in Starfleet first to be advisor to his close friend, Diego Reyes, then to watch over Reyes's lover Rana Desai. Served with Reyes on the USS Dauntless, where he was close to Hallie Gannon too, and the USS Belleau Wood. Attempted to have Jabilo M'Benga be his successor at Vanguard, but the younger man wanted to serve on a ship. After Desai's departure he stayed on Vanguard, retiring only in 2268 and planning to join his daughter's medical practice on Mars. However, Fisher was unable to leave the station before the arrival of a massive Tholian armada. During the battle he accompanied Fellaren th'Shoras (Shor) to the weapons batteries, and perished in the defense of the station that year. Had at least three children, Ely, Jane and Noah, at least one one son-in-law, Neil (husband of Jane), and at least two grandsons, James and Seth (children of Jane and Neil).
  • Doctor Jabilo M'Benga, assistant chief medical officer, groomed by Fisher to replace him. Turned the post down for a desire to serve on a starship. By 2267 he was assigned to the Enterprise crew, but briefly visited Vanguard again in 2268, when the Enterprise was assigned to the station - sharing beers with Doctor Fisher whilst they watched Tellarites plays rugby.
  • Doctor Gonzalo Robles, member of the medical staff at Vanguard Hospital. After Doctor Fisher retires in 2268, Robles became the chief medical officer of the station.
  • Doctor Steinberg.
  • Nurse Melanie Martinez. Member of the medical staff at Vanguard Hospital.
  • Sherivan sh'Ness, a fourth-year medical student in Vanguard Hospital in 2266. Andorian shen.
  • Doctor Thelex, Andorian chan chief of dentistry at Vanguard Hospital, Starbase 47. Wears distinctive octagonal-frame eyeglasses.
Station SecurityEdit
Judge Advocate General OfficeEdit
  • Captain Rana Desai, the principal JAG officer on the station, who administers all Starfleet and Federation law in the Taurus Reach. Formerly a detective, she entered Starfleet and joined the JAG corps. Passionate, stern and fastidious, she arrived on Vanguard in 2265. Although she soon entered into a relationship with the station's CO, Diego Reyes, they kept it secret and often crossed swords in their public roles - whether over colony policy or JAG's responsibility to investigate potential failings by Starfleet or Reyes, such as the loss of the USS Bombay. Secretly she also was preparing a case about Reyes and Starfleet's association with criminal elements, such as the Orion merchant Ganz, but when Reyes released classified information she instead had to arrest him for another reason. She defended Reyes in his trial, and prepared to move to Earth after the trial to continue their relationship - but the commodore's presumed death aboard the USS Nowlan put an end to that plan. Beginning to move on, she had a fling with Haniff Jackson, before T'Prynn, then rogue, revealed Reyes was alive. She left Vanguard in 2267, but was reunited with Reyes in 2270.
  • Lieutenant, later Lieutenant Commander Holly Moyer, JAG officer. Young, athletic, willowy, auburn-haired. Excellent racquetball player. She assumed Desai's leadership role in 2267, vindicating the distinguishing remarks given by Captain Mosh zelev Sereb when he choose her to be his assistant in the court martial of Diego Reyes.
  • Lieutenant commander Peter Liverakos, defense attorney, assigned to Starfleet JAG office on Starbase 47. Mid-40s, boyish appearance, goatee, salt-and-pepper hair. Defended Commodore Diego Reyes and the Vanguard crew during a JAG-mandated inquiry following the loss of the USS Bombay in 2266.
  • Commander Nathan Spires, a skilled JAG officer and the initial defense lawyer of Diego Reyes in 2266.
Court Martial of Commodore ReyesEdit
Cargo CrewEdit
The Vault/Operation Vanguard personnelEdit

USS ConstellationEdit

USS EndeavourEdit

USS SagittariusEdit

USS BombayEdit

USS LovellEdit

Ship StaffEdit
SCE TeamEdit

USS AkhielEdit

USS Buenos AiresEdit

  • Captain Andrew Jarvis, commanding officer. In the defense of Vanguard in 2268, he proclaimed the situation "FUBAR" and rammed the leading warship of the Tholian armada.

USS DefiantEdit

USS PanamaEdit

  • Captain Telvane, a burly, square-headed, lantern-jawed, sun-browned Starfleet freighter captain. He objected to being conscripted into the defense of Vanguard in 2268, correctly predicting his ship's easy demise in the battle.

USS EnterpriseEdit

Starbase 12Edit

Planet-based personnelEdit

Ravanar IVEdit
Gamma Tauri IVEdit
  • Lieutenant Christopher Gabbert, "Room boss" in charge of directing Starfleet covert operations on Gamma Tauri IV.
Cestus IIIEdit
Aldrin City Archives AnnexEdit

Starfleet CommandEdit

Other Starfleet Personnel mentionedEdit

  • Captain Matuzas, the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Helios, a Drexler-class frigate aboard which Diego Reyes and Daniel Okagawa served on as young officers.
  • Admiral McCreary, a high-ranking officer at Starfleet Medical.
  • Captain Rymer. Sponsored Diego Reyes's application to Starfleet Academy and served as Reyes's mentor. In 2266, referred to as the "late" Captain Rymer, date of death uncertain.
  • Terence Sadler, former security chief of the Starship Dauntless under the command of Diego Reyes. Retired from Starfleet service to get married and raise a family on colony planet Ingraham B. Dies with his family during the neural parasite attack on that planet in 2265.
  • Captain Friedl Segfrunsdóttir, instructor on Federation law at Starfleet Academy during James T. Kirk's years as an underclassman.

Federation Diplomatic CorpsEdit

Starbase 47Edit

  • Ambassador Jetanien, Rigelian Chelon diplomat in charge of Federation political efforts in the Taurus Reach. One of the key leaders of Operation Vanguard and the hunt to uncover the secrets of the Shedai Meta-genome. Grew disentranced with the sector in 2267 and made contact with Senator D'Tran of the Romulan Star Empire. Would found the neutral planet of peace on Nimbus III with D'Tran and Lugok, former Klingon ambassador to Vanguard.
  • Anna Sandesjo. Federation diplomatic attache. Klingon female disguised to appear human. Served as senior diplomatic attaché to Ambassador Jetanien. Real name was Lurqal. Reported to Ambassador Lugok and his aide Turag. Had an affair with Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn, who turned her into a double agent. Cover compromised for a disinformation campaign to rescue the USS Sagittarius from Jinoteur IV. Killed in a bombing attack on the USS Malacca, the ship intended to smuggle her off of Vanguard. Assassin was Zett Nilric, hired by Klingon Imperial Intelligence. (Harbinger-Reap the Whirlwind)
  • Akeylah Karumé, Federation diplomatic attache. Dark-skinned, tall, bold. Dresses in bright colors and great at handling Klingons, she was tasked with being Klingon attache in 2265. She would work with Jetanien in his attempt to contact D'Tran. Promoted to senior ambassador after Jetenian's departure for Nimbus III in 2267.
  • Sovik, a Federation diplomat and envoy to the Tholian delegation on Starbase 47.
  • Dietrich Meyer, Federation diplomat known to be a drunkard. Former envoy to the Klingon delegation on Starbase 47. Had an altercation in Manón's Cabaret with Klingon Ambassador Lugok that ended with Lugok's d'k tahg embedded in Meyer's thigh. Meyer survived the assault but was subsequently reassigned to office administrative tasks. Akeylah Karumé succeeded him as the envoy to the Klingons.
  • Adam Stotsky, the communications supervisor in the Federation Embassy on Starbase 47, under the supervision of Ambassador Jetanien.

Nimbus IIIEdit

Federation Citizens and CiviliansEdit

Starbase 47Edit


  • Sten, the former fiancé of T'Prynn. Refused to release her when she asked to be excused from the marriage contract in 2212. Fought T'Prynn in the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee. As she broke his neck and killed him, he forced his katra (living spirit) into her mind telepathically. His katra has lived on in her mind ever since, assaulting her psychically, tormenting her, for 53 years.
  • T'Nel, a female Vulcan born circa 2183, the daughter of Sivok and L'Nel, and the older sister of T'Prynn.
  • Sobon, a Vulcan healer in the village of Kren'than, who cures T'Prynn of Sten's katra.
  • T'Lon, a female Vulcan teenager in the village of Kren'than.


  • Unez, a Scoridian journalist in Edinburgh, Scotland, who served as a mentor to young Tim Pennington—and taught the fledgling newshound how to pick locks like a professional criminal.
  • Arlys Warfield, Federation News Service executive editor. She is Tim Pennington's boss until he is made the victim of a disinformation campaign that embarrasses FNS, after which Warfield fires Pennington.
  • Garold Hicks, a veteran journalist who had lost his left arm and leg while covering a conflict on a planet being considered for Federation membership. He was affectionately called "Old Dane" by his colleagues, including the then-young Tim Pennington. Pennington recalled Old Dane when he lost his arm in 2268.

Gamma Tauri IVEdit

  • Jeanne Vinueza, ex-wife of Commodore Diego Reyes. Tall, brunette, native of Luna, high esper skills. Served as president of the New Boulder Colony on Gamma Tauri IV, where she was killed by Shedai sentinels.
  • Rik Panganiban, President Vinueza's senior aide.

Lerais IIEdit

  • Gwen Casale, staffer of the New Anchorage colony's orbital tracking control center.
  • Colin Rella, staffer of the New Anchorage colony's orbital tracking control center.
  • Pehlingul, Tellerite engineer.

The Freighter Bacchus PlateauEdit

Nimbus IIIEdit

The Freighter EphialtesEdit

The Freighter LisbonEdit

  • Captain Khunying Boonmee, the human female skipper of the Lisbon. A lean, short-haired woman of Thai heritage, she was in her mid-forties in 2268-2269 and could "berat[e] each of her people in their native language, whether that was Tellarite, Andorii, Vulcan, or any of a handful of Terran tongues, sometimes switching from one to another in mid-sentence without missing a syllable."

Klingon EmpireEdit

The Klingon High CouncilEdit

  • Chancellor Sturka, leader of the Klingon Empire.
  • Councillor Gorkon, member of the Klingon High Council and key ally of Chancellor Sturka. As a general in the KDF he commanded the IKS Chech'Iw in the 2250s] and had several run-ins with the USS Dauntless under the command of then-Captain Diego Reyes. As Councillor he was involved in the Klingon expansion into the Gonmog Sector - the Taurus Reach - and their efforts to repurpose Shedai artifacts for the Empire, principally led by his agent Kutal. In the process he began to see the potentials for peace with his old enemy, the Federation. In 2267 he used Captain Chang to kidnap the disgraced Commodore Reyes and the Tholian Ezthene, both iconoclasts to their respective societies, to convince Sturka that peace could occur between the three peoples. Sturka rejected the overture, and Gorkon would release both gentlebeings. In 2268 he entered into a secret conflict with Duras, who had replaced him as Sturka's confidante, and who sought secretly to move the empire much closer to the Romulan Star Empire than the public alliance allowed. Gorkon engineered Duras's downfall and would eventually preside as Chancellor by 2293, beginning the process towards peace he had long hoped for. Unfortunately, he would be assassinated before his vision was complete - a plot that ironically involved Starfleet and KDF hawks, including his protege Chang, cooperating to ensure a war at last.
  • Councillor Alakon, member of the Klingon High Council in 2265, commoner-born, ascended through honorable combat.
  • Councillor Argashek, member of Klingon High Council in 2265. Allied with Councillors Grozik and Glazya.
  • Councillor Duras, member of Klingon High Council in 2265 with an old enmity towards Chancellor Sturka's House. However by the late 2260s he had assumed a powerful position in the Council, offsetting Councillor Gorkon as Sturka's right-hand man. By 2268 he had become involved with the Empire's new allies, the Romulans, in an attempt to position himself to replace Sturka. Gorkon and his agents Captains Chang and Kutal moved against Duras that year, first attempting to obtain intelligence by spying on his son Brakk or even eliminating the latter. However this attempt quickly failed when Brakk assassinated Kutal and his ship. Instead Gorkon had his other agent Lugok leak through Ambassador Jetanien of the Federation and the Federation News Service journalist Tim Pennington the councillor's alliance with the Romulans. Duras suffered public shame and was to be subject to an investigation by Imperial Intelligence.
  • Councillor Glazya, member of Klingon High Council in 2265. Allied with Councillors Grozik and Argashek.
  • Councillor Grozik, member of Klingon High Council in 2265. Allied with Councillors Glazya and Argashek.
  • Councillor Indizar, female member of the Klingon High Council in 2265. Close ally of Councillor Gorkon and Chancellor Sturka. Head of Imperial Intelligence.
  • Councillor Kulok, female member of the Klingon High Council in 2265.
  • Councillor Molok, member of the Klingon High Council in 2265.
  • Councillor Narvak, member of the Klingon High Council in 2265.
  • Councillor Torr, member of the Klingon High Council in 2265.
  • Councillor Veselka, a female member of the Klingon High Council in 2265 and decidedly the most feminine of the female council members.

Klingon Diplomats On VanguardEdit

  • Lugok, Klingon ambassador to Vanguard. Is actually a covert operative of Imperial Intelligence. Son of Breg. Would be recalled from Vanguard in 2266, but his heart sung for diplomacy further, and he would go to Nimbus III with Jetanien to see if the ancient Romulan senator D'Tran would answer the Chelon's invitation. They would wait six months, but were vindicated, and would found the peace colony of Paradise City on Nimbus III. Though that was a failure, Lugok would become a key agent in the longer-term machinations for peace between Councillor Gorkon and Jetanien.
  • Turag, a Klingon Imperial Intelligence agent and bodyguard to Klingon Ambassador Lugok on Starbase 47. Serves as the primary handler for Lurqal, aka Anna Sandesjo.

The Klingon Defense ForceEdit

Klingon High CommandEdit

IKS Zin'zaEdit

IKS HovQaw'wI' Edit

IKS M'ahtaghEdit

IKS vaQjoHEdit

IKS baS'jevEdit

IKS Qu'vangEdit


Members of Imperial IntelligenceEdit

Klingon CiviliansEdit

First City, Qo'noSEdit

Nimbus IIIEdit

  • Kanjar, a farmer and one of the colony's more outspoken residents.

Klingon Subject WorldsEdit

Borzha IIEdit

  • Bohica, Borzhan administrator of the Klingon-occupied spaceport facility in orbit of Borzha II.


Traelus IIEdit

Tholian AssemblyEdit

Aboard VanguardEdit

The Tholian Ruling ConcaveEdit

Other members of the Tholian EliteEdit

  • Ezthene, member of the Tholian political elite and a xenophilic iconoclast. His political views led him into exile, but en route, he was kidnapped and ultimately released by Councillor Gorkon of the Klingon Empire. He went to Vanguard, and remained there until the station's destruction in early 2269.

On Qo'noSEdit

  • Ambassador Tolrene, Tholian ambassador to Qo'noS. Had a seizure at the same time that similar episodes afflicted Tholian representatives on Starbase 47 and on Earth.

Tholian Military PersonnelEdit

Other TholiansEdit

Romulan Star EmpireEdit

Romulan GovernmentEdit

Romulan Military PersonnelEdit

Romulan AdmiraltyEdit

Bloodied TalonEdit


Romulan DiplomatsEdit

  • D'Tran, oldest member of the Romulan Senate in 2265, older than Praetor Vrax. He had been involved in the peace negotiations between Earth and the empire in the 2160s. Contacted by Ambassador Jetanien of the Federation, they and Ambassador Lugok of the Klingon Empire would found the Planet for Galactic Peace, Paradise City on Nimbus III. There he would be a key negotiator with Lugok of the alliance between both empires in 2268. He was killed in 2268 by rioting colonists at the Federation embassy when trying to flee with Jetanien.
  • S'anra, D'Tran's assistant on Nimbus III. She entered into a relationship with Ambassador Jetanien's assistant, Sergio Moreno. After Senator D'Tran's death, she was elevated to ambassadorship on Nimbus III, revealing her skill at political machinations but also her inexperience, as Jetanien easily saw through her bluffs about Romulan manipulations of the Klingon High Council.

Tal ShiarEdit

Independent Powers & IndividualsEdit

The Orion SyndicateEdit

The Omari-EkonEdit

  • Ganz, Orion merchant-prince.
  • Neera, Orion woman, secret boss of Ganz. To outsiders, she seems to be an underboss in charge of the sex trade on Ganz's ship, the Omari-Ekon.
  • Jaeq, an Orion male. Former chief enforcer for Orion merchant-prince Ganz. Tall and slender. Had one altercation too many with Starfleet. To avoid complications, Ganz had Jaeq assassinated before he could be arrested and tried by Starfleet.
  • Zett Nilric, Nalori assassin, whose official title is "business manager" for Orion merchant-prince Ganz. Owned the Icarion, a Nalori argosy. Fulfilled a contract with Klingon Imperial Intelligence to assassinate Lurqal, its compromised agent on Starbase 47. He hated Cervantes Quinn, and would die in 2267 in combat with Quinn. (Harbinger-Precipice)
  • Morikmol, Tarmelite enforcer in the employ of Ganz, "right-hand" of Zett Nilric. Alleged to have torn a Klingon's arms from their sockets during a barfight on Davlos III.
  • Tonzak, an Orion male and Zett's successor as chief enforcer for Ganz.
  • Sakud Armnoj, Zakdorn accountant to Ganz; transported from his home on Yerad III by Cervantes Quinn and Tim Pennington. Assassinated by Ganz after delivering potentially incriminating records.
    • Sniffy, a slijm belonging to Zakdorn accountant Sakud Armnoj.
  • Danac, pit boss in charge of gambling receipts aboard the Omari-Ekon; reports to Orion merchant-prince Ganz.
  • Delmark, nondescript Orion man in his mid-thirties with dark hair, a lean physique, and a complexion of an especially deep hue of green. Member of Ganz's extended criminal organization.
  • Jahno, an Orion bodyguard of Ganz who betrayed him to an Andorian assassin in 2266. Rather than a shirt, he favored a pair of bandoliers strung in crisscross fashion across his chest.
  • Joshua Kane, a human male master-thief with eight perfect alibis for his presence on eight far-flung planets at precisely the times of eight daring and unsolved heists. Part of Ganz's retinue on the Omari-Ekon. In 2267 he would steal from the Vault the Myrdonae Artifact for Captain Kutal of the IKS Zin'za. Although strongly suspected by Chief Haniff Jackson, Kane had a ninth perfect alibi, spending all evening visibly in a bar on Stars Landing.
  • Laëchem, a fair-haired Zibalian man with brilliant indigo and vermilion facial tattoos. Member of Ganz's extended criminal organization.
  • Reke, a perpeptually ntoxicated henchman of Orion crime boss Ganz. Vomited on Montgomery Scott's boot after giving him a bottle of the green stuff.
  • Tarris, a waifish young Elasian woman with caramel-colored skin, large, almond-shaped eyes, and snow-white hair. Member of Ganz's extended criminal organization.
  • Zulo, "Cleaner" for Orion crime boss Ganz; disposes of bodies and evidence professionally; species unspecified.
  • Nakaal, an Orion henchman of Ganz who tried to assassinate Diego Reyes.
  • Drev, a Tellarite henchman of Ganz who tried to assassinate Diego Reyes.
  • Lekkar, a low-level Orion supervisor in the Omari-Ekon's games room, who favoured wearing a suit in the style of Deltan men. Got into an altercation with the exiled Diego Reyes and soon after he dissapeared on the orders of Ganz.
  • Trianna, a female seductress on the Omari-Ekon, who Neera attempted to have seduce Diego Reyes.

Other criminalsEdit

  • Broon, human crime boss, a rival of Ganz. He tried to assassinate Cervantes Quinn for Ganz, failed because of T'Prynn's intervention. Subsequently captured Quinn, Tim Pennington, and Sakud Armnoj near the Jinoteur system, but the trio escaped and framed him for their piracy on a Klingon sensor probe. Broon's ship was captured by the Klingons and impounded at Borzha II.
    • Divad, Safecracker employed by crime boss Broon.
    • Qoheela, Tarascan hitman, sent to Starbase 47 by Broon to assassinate Cervantes Quinn. Is stopped by Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn, then captured by Ganz's people and executed aboard Ganz's ship, the Omari-Ekon, by Ganz's chief enforcer, Zett Nilric.

The ShedaiEdit


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