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James T. Kirk riding a chariot

A chariot was a type of transportation consisting of a two-wheeled cart pulled at speed by an animal.

On the planet Earth, chariots pulled by horses were often used in warfare by ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. They were very dangerous in a crash or accident, capable of dismembering a person.

Rory Williams could drive a chariot using his knowledge of being a Roman soldier. In ancient Egypt, he drove a chariot as he, Amy Pond and the Doctor were pursued by Egyptian soldiers. (TNG - Assimilation² comic: "Issue 1")

In 1944, a Roman chariot race was once glimpsed in a resetting time stream. (ENT episode: "Storm Front, Part II")

In 1955, James T. Kirk pursued Andres, both in chariots, along a California freeway. Andres had stolen an N-cycle bomb and fled into the past using the time travel cabinet. The chariot chase was inadvertently filmed by cameraman Zoltan and movie director Bovrille, who pursued them in a pickup truck. (TOS comic: "A Bomb in Time")

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