The Charismatic Fathers of Profit and Loss were a religious order that existed within the Ferengi civilization. They were noted as being a variant of the mainstream Ferengi religious thought and preached faith in miracles of boundless profit without any real work required.

Members of the Charismatic Fathers wore a white ruffed collar which denoted their ties to their organization. They had little in the way of savings as the priests of the Charismatic Fathers needed no money with their order instead providing for all their expenses. Their duties were considered pious work and they often sent emissaries to distant locations as part of their duties though typically they did not involve themselves in lay business matters. The interior communications of this church were considered not for the ears of outsiders.

In 2371, Olix was dispatched by the order to Deep Space 9 as part of a mission to visit as many Ferengi scattered far from their home planet and bring them the consolation of their religion. (DS9 novel: The Laertian Gamble)

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