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Charles Vance was a 32nd century Federation citizen, a Human man in Starfleet service in the 3180s decade. Fleet Admiral Vance served as Starfleet's commander in chief aboard the Federation Headquarters space station. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")


Vance interviews the time-displaced Saru and Michael Burnham in 3189.

By the year 3189, Vance had reached the flag officer rank of fleet admiral and gained the position of commanding officer aboard Federation Headquarters. His security chief was Lieutenant Audrey Willa.

When the time-displaced 23rd century starship USS Discovery reported for duty, Willa accompanied Admiral Vance for the introductions. While Captain Saru remained with Vance, Willa chaperoned Commander Michael Burnham during a mission to recover seeds from the USS Tikhov-M, to synthesise a cure for ailing Kili refugees. Vance also briefly spoke with Adira Tal about a previous host, Senna Tal. Adira relayed that Senna was contrite to return late but had wanted to see snow on Earth.

Following the successful mission, Vance accepted Discovery back into Starfleet. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")

Discovery completed a 3-weeks refit. Saru was invited to a mission briefing by Fleet Admiral Vance. He was dismayed after Burnham completed an unsanctioned mission but acknowledged she and Commander Philippa Georgiou had uncovered valuable intelligence. (DSC episode: "Scavengers")

Later, Vance listened to Burnham's theory about the burn using 3 black boxes she found and SB-19 data. Vance told them about Ni'Var, formerly known as Vulcan, and it's hesistantancy about sharing the data. He told them that the Vulcans, despite's Romulans wanting to stay, decided to leave the Federation in order to keep SB-19 data away from them. Vance told them Ni'Var believes that the Federation forced them to cause the Burn.

Vance, knowing of Burnham's relationship with her late foster brother, Ambassador Spock, decided to send her to find a way to retrieve the SB-19 data. Vance, despite the temporal accords, informed Ni'Var of Discovery's and Burnham's time travel trip. (DSC episode: "Unification III")

Following Discovery's succesful mission to Ni'Var, he approved Cleveland Booker's request for aid for Kwejian and sent Discovery to "observe" Kwejian's dealing with the Emerald Chain. (DSC episode: "The Sanctuary")

Vance later allowed Discovery to take Commander Georgiou to Dannus V to help her condition. During this time, Vance saw that Saru was distracted by the KSF Khi'eth's distress call and message due to him not seeing a Kelpien in 900 years. Following Georgiou's departure, Vance was informed of the Khi'eth's position on a dilithium planet within the Verubin nebula. Vance told them that the planet would able to help them supply the Federation with dilithium and was wondering of Dr. Issa's child could have been connected to the Burn. Saru told him he did not think so and assured him that would take precautions as he would lead a team to rescue the child. (DSC episodes: "Terra Firma", "Su'Kal")



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