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Charna Sar was a Bajoran who lived in the mid-24th century, as a subject of the Cardassian Union's Occupation of Bajor. Her ancestors had built the Barodeem archive centuries ago.


Early in her life, Charna went to school with her friend, Hester. Later, she joined the resistance. However, she was captured, tortured, and taken to prison.

Charna was freed from a execution on Bajor by a Cardassian, Kotan Darek, and assigned to assist him in building Terok Nor. Aboard the station, she modified the docking pylons, enlarged the air filtration systems. She then helped her friend Hester and the resistance attack the supply ship Galvor with it's coordinates and times. However, she was tortured and was then interrogated by Darek. Charna promised him that she would not help the resistance destroy the station till it was completed.

After the station was completed, Darek told her about Gul Dukar's plan to eliminate all the Bajoran workers involved in the construction in an "accident". Just as Dukar was about to cause the "accident", Charna led a resistance team which killed Dukar, but she was forced to surrender when Darek threatened to kill the workers which she did. Charna was then tortured. Charna, before she was executed, thanked Darek for not killing the workers. Charna was then executed by Darek.

She was then honored with a statue at a museum on Bajor in 2371. (DS9 comic: "Terok Nor")

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