Charva was an officer of the Tal Shiar in the 2400s. She was the commanding officer of the Mogai-class warbird IRW Aethra until its destruction in 2409. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


Charva was orphaned by the Hobus supernova of 2387 and first met Tovan Khev in its aftermath. The two became lovers and spoke often of dreams of a better life for their people. Khev planned to marry her, but on the evening he intended to propose to her she revealed she had decided to join the Tal Shiar. This led to the end of their relationship.

Charva would not meet Khev again until 2409 when her warbird IRW Aethra decloaked before the starship of the Virinat Survivor, with whom Khev was traveling, in orbit of Chaltok IV. She claimed that D'Tan's Romulan Republic to whom Khev and the Survivor were loyal was in fact a terrorist movement and not worthy of their allegiance. She also noted that she still had feelings for Khev. (STO mission: "The Price of Neutrality")

Khev and his captain were unconvinced, but Charva later contacted them again with information that their hometown on Virinat had been destroyed due to housing a covert terrorist base. The duo traveled to Virinat to investigate, but found no evidence to this effect. Instead they encountered a fellow Romulan Republican Force captain, Makus of the RRW Hyperian, who had also been given the information regarding the terrorist base. After skirmishing with several of Makus' away teams the two crews realized that they had been duped by Tal Shiar disinformation. (STO mission: "Memory Lane")

After Charva again gave them false data regarding the whereabouts of Khev's sister Rinna that led to another Tal Shiar trap, Khev and the Survivor began to suspect that Charva had herself been duped. They demanded more data from Charva and she agreed to provide them with a large amount of Tal Shiar records. After cross-referencing with Republic data to locate the falsified information, they met Charva in the Azha system and showed her the discrepancies. (STO missions: "Smash and Grab", "Tradecraft")

At that moment more Tal Shiar ships arrived to arrest all three of them, but RRF reinforcements led by Commander Nadel's RRW Deihu warped in to help Khev and his captain defend the Aethra. The Aethra suffered fatal damage during the subsequent battle, but the Republic ships beamed Charva off her ship before it was destroyed. Incredibly, Charva refused to believe that she had been used and discarded by her masters and complained that Khev had made her a traitor. Khev and his captain left her incarcerated in the Deihu's brig. (STO mission: "Tradecraft")

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