Chih-li was a Pai official in the court of the Dragon, that held the title of Imperial Minister of Internal Security of the First Rank, in the Dragon Empire. (TNG novel: Dragon's Honor)


In 2370, he was in charge of the security measures of the Dragon's palace, to ensure that the wedding between the Dragon-Heir and Lord Tu Lung's daughter would proceed without incident. When a series of incidents that targeted the Dragon had failed and with the G'kkau's continued presence near the borders of the Empire, Captain Picard ordered Worf to post a guard on Pai to protect the wedding gifts alongside Chih-li's guard. The Pai noble was insulted that an outsider would dare encroach on his jurisdiction and challenged Worf to a duel. The duel ended with Worf as the victor, leaving Chih-li with a newfound respect of the Klingon as an honorable warrior. They formed an amiable friendship, sharing knowledge on each other's culture. He also shared his concerns for his liege's life and agreed that discretion would be best to preserve the Dragon's honor. (TNG novel: Dragon's Honor)

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