"Children of Time" was the 120th episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the 22nd episode of the show's fifth season, first aired during the week of 5 May 1997. The episode was written by René Echevarria, Gary Holland & Ethan H. Calk and directed by Allan Kroeker.


The crew of the Defiant encounter a planet populated by their descendants.



Julian BashirBrotaJadzia DaxYedrin DaxGabrielJonesKira NerysLisaMollyMiles O'BrienMiranda O'BrienOdoParellQuarkBenjamin SiskoWorf, son of Moghunnamed USS Defiant personnel (USS Defiant personnel) • unnamed Gaia residents (Gaia residents)
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Bareil AntosDax (symbiont)Angie KirbyMoghKeiko O'BrienMolly O'BrienShakaar EdonJake SiskoRita TannenbaumTorvin


Gaia systemGaia IVGamma Quadrant
Referenced only 
Alpha QuadrantBajorBajoran wormholeDeep Space 9 (also in opening credits) • Golian SpaKenda ShrinePelios Station

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Defiant (Defiant-class escort) • Janitza-class (in opening credits) • USS Leeds (Nebula-class explorer, in opening credits) • Danube-class runabout, in opening credits

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Bajoran MilitiaStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

22nd centuryalternate timelineautopilotbaseballclass 4 probedestinyd'k tahgdollhouseenergy barriergelm breadgrave markerinertial dampenerkerripatemek'lethneural pathwayphaserportable generatorq'aplaregenerationraktajinoreplicatorsensor logshield generatorshield harmonicStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2373-2386)Sto-vo-kortessipatetorgatricorderwindmillyar-bearyelg melon


Related mediaEdit

  • The prologue of the Star Trek: Destiny novel Gods of Night begins soon after "Children of Time" and includes Jadzia recalling the events of the episode.
  • ST reference: Encyclopedia
    • Information about this episode is presented consistently in the third and fourth volumes.

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Captain Benjamin Sisko.




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