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Chit was a 23rd century Angiran man. He served his emperor as an elite Hounds soldier.


In the 23rd century, Chit fought at Agra and enjoyed a victory celebration afterward.

After the Hounds disbanded c. 2336, he took to running his peasant farm, but lost it in the 2250s during a period of high inflation that devalued his crops. Bibil contended that gambling played a role.

In 2266, Chit was one of six former Hounds soldiers present in the Angiran palace during a coup d'état. His leg was slashed while defending Prince Vikram, and he quickly fashioned a tourniquet to lessen the bleeding. He held off coup attackers so that Vikram, Bibil, Hikaru Sulu and Spock could escape through a secret passage in a chapel, and was killed. (TOS novel: Shadow Lord)