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Chitirih Ra-Dreii was a male Efrosian serving in the Federation Starfleet in the 2280s decade.


By 2286, Ra-Dreii had reached the rank of commander and was serving as the helmsman of USS Saratoga during the Cetacean Probe crisis of that year. Although blind from birth with the given name of Zi-Harghovta, he could hear the distinct call of the probe over the bridge audio speakers. He was unable to engage starship thrusters, out of neutralizing range, while they were patrolling the Terran system. However, he and his commander, Captain Margaret Sinclair-Alexander survived this encounter. (TOS movie & novelization: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)



  • It's not clear whether or not the Saratoga helmsman from the movie is the same character as the Saratoga science officer Chitirih Ra-Dreii from the novelization.
  • The line "It appears to be a probe, Captain" is spoken by the Saratoga helmsman in the movie and by Chitirih Ra-Dreii in the novelization.
  • However, the line "their call is being carried on an amplification wave of enormous power" is spoken by the Saratoga science officer in the movie and by Chitirih Ra-Dreii in the novelization.


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